The Irish Guy

This is my current favourite busker in Brussels. He's referred to as The Irish Guy by my colleagues, or 'your cousin, Paddy O'Flanagan' by my friend Thomas.He normally plays the tin whistle, but I think he's playing a recorder here. I once saw him playing a melodica during a snow storm.  He has a bit of a [...]

Tales from the Metro 2

Today, at Vanderkindere, where all tales from the metro seem to begin, someone asked me whether this was where she could catch the 25.- Le 25? - Ouais.- Il y a un 25? - Merde.After further investigation, it turned out that there is a line 25, but it kind of goes round the opposite side of the [...]

Le Stoefer

Le Stoefer looks awesome. Its close to Place du Chatelain, and fits in with the cool vibe of the area. It's all about the industrial, with bare bulbs, waxed wood, long benches and gloomy minimalism.The menu is very nice to look at, but not extensive. The choice was really burgers, salads or pittas. However, it's [...]

Exploitation Demonstration

One of the nice/scary things about the location of my office is that we get to see a lot of demonstrations on their way to the European Parliament.This week it was the turn of the builders and woodworkers of Europe. There may have been others; the builders and woodworkers were in the first group, followed [...]

Tales from the Metro

I'm not sure why, but on my particular metro line, and, in fact, at my particular station, people often seem very concerned with whether or not the trams stop at Gare du Midi. They do. They always do. Well, unless you go the wrong way, or catch the 92 or 7, which don't, but stop [...]