Travel and Reading Blogs

I’ve decided to start dedicated blogs for my travel and reading adventures. Click on the pictures below to go and check them out!

Laurasaurus Travels

I have quite a few followers who are here for the travel posts I sometimes do. I’m guessing you guys aren’t super interested in sewing or all the other random stuff I bang on about, so head on over to Laurasaurus Travels for all travel all the time*.

I will probably be re-covering some of the adventures I’ve previously posted here at some point, but in a different way, so I hope they will bring a fresh angle to my trips. I’ll also be posting about trips which never made it onto this blog – I’ve got a few posts up already about our visit to Russia.

If you came here for the travel, but stayed for the sewing, then I hope you’ll enjoy reading both blogs.

* Not literally all the time. I have a full time job and a cat to take care of. I will try and keep up a regular posting schedule, though. Realistically, you can expect one post per week.

Your Name-2

At the start of this year, I realised I needed something to keep me sane on the long journeys to and from work. I decided that a challenge was in order, so this year I am going to try and read one book per week.

I thought starting a blog where I would review each of those books in more detail than my usual ‘it was quite good’ on Goodreads would both challenge and encourage me when things got tough (my money is on sometime around May).

I’m not sure if anyone reading this blog is into books, but if you are, then come and join me at Laurasaurus Reads. I will read anything which is within grasping distance, so you can expect quite a bit of variety. While my bookshelf is heavily weighted towards fiction, I do have quite a few interesting looking reference books on the go. I will try my hardest not to review the anti-histamine packet I have just read the back of (side note: I have hay fever! Spring must be on its way!)

Your Name-3

“Pure Laurasaurus”, as a friend calls it, is where the sewing, lifestyle and crafty stuff will (still) be at. I don’t think anything will change here; posting will probably remain idiosyncratic, because although I dream of an organised blog schedule, I’m not going to write if I don’t have anything interesting to say.

Reading Challenge 2013

I’ve set myself a challenge to read 52 books this year. I can get a bit bogged down with things like this, but I hope it’ll go well. I’ve got 78 books on my bookshelf which I haven’t read, and they don’t seem to be going anywhere fast. Maybe this will provide the kick I need to read them (in under two years).

I’d like to say I’m only going to buy new books once I’ve finished these ones, but it’s unlikely that I’ll manage to stick to that. Instead, I’m only going to buy new books if I’m ahead of schedule with my challenge. Or, you know, stuck in an airport without a book, or something. 

I’ve added all 78 books to Goodreads, and they’re tracking my challenge for me, so all that needs to be done is to sit back and read. 

The question is, which book to read first? When you have 78 to choose from then it can be a little tricky to make a choice. Some of them have been on my shelf so long I’m sick of looking at them. For the moment, I’m going to start with the ones with the highest rating on Goodreads, and then work my way down. Maybe that’s not the best way to do it – some may favour starting with the worst and working up, but what if the bad books put me off my pace? Gah!