Nikon Coolpix P330

While I dearly love my Praktica L, I was missing the ease of having a compact camera to carry round in my handbag and whip out should anything interesting happen. Something for those occasions when the iPhone just won’t cut it. 
The sales are on, and I didn’t fancy staying in my office one lunchtime so I headed off to Media Markt and came away with a Nikon Coolpix P330. It wasn’t as cheap as I might have liked, but it looks like it’s come from East Germany, which I approve of. Ben approved of the actual picture taking abilities of it, and I took a nice sneaky snake spy picture of a woman in the shop with full zoom and it wasn’t blurry, so away we went!
The white version is smooth like a Star Wars storm trooper, but the texture of this one is rough, like life behind the iron curtain. Another nice feature is a pop up flash on the top, which I think could also be used for interrogating your victims.
I considered giving my new camera a solid German name, but it doesn’t look like it would approve of that kind of thing.