New York: Day Four

I don't really like looking like a tourist. Something of a problem when you're standing outside the Empire State Building feeling cornered into paying for additional extras on your trip, when you just wanted to slink off to the normal queue and not have to deal with Michael, the most enthusiastic man alive, and a [...]

New York: Day Three

We walked around with big plans for how much ground we wanted to cover, but after stepping into Times Square and promptly deciding this was not the place for me, we scuttled off to investigate some less touristy locations.    First up was the Hells Kitchen Flea Market, which we discovered by accident. After looking [...]

New York: Day Two

A good night's sleep behind us, we were ready to get out and explore New York. we were staying in Long Island City in Queens and my first surprise was that it looked like I'd imagined a normal American town would - I'd kind of expected skyscrapers to dominate the entire landscape, but in fact [...]

New York: Day One

After a slightly demented taxi ride through Brussels on our way to the airport, I was very much ready for a holiday. There is only so much time you can spend in the company of a coffee swilling, priorité de droite screeching maniac before you feel that the time has come to spend some time [...]