Me Made May – Days 25-31

The final stretch! Also, a brief conclusion! Sunday 25th May Wearing: Blue flannel shirt tunic thing, skinny H&M jeans, Toms Doing: A day out with my mum and step dad to Michelham Priory, this included a surprising amount of time spent rescuing baby birds Thinking: I don't think this is the best length on me, as [...]

Me Made May – Days 19-24

AKA Laura's selfie hell continues... Monday 19th May Wearing: Oasis skirt, black vest Doing: Phone interview, sewing Thinking: I was having a bad hair day, so Alan bravely volunteered to model for me. I like this skirt because it looks like the kind of thing I would make. It's also probably the only thing that has ever [...]

Me Made May – Days 13-18

Alright, back from my holiday and ready to wheel out the rest of my wardrobe! Tuesday 13th May Wearing: Auntie made owl jumper (not blogged) and Gap chinos Doing: Flopping around, still a bit jet lagged Thinking: I wanted to wear this jumper one last time before it gets too warm, although it was already a bit warm. Unconvinced [...]

Me Made May – Days 7-12

Alright! Here are my outfits from several weeks ago! Wednesday 7th May Wearing: Day: Peacocks tunic shirt thing, H&M jeans, Nike trainers. Night: thrifted dress, thrifted necklace, Clarks boots Doing: A visit to the Seattle Center during the day, then some amazing middle eastern food Thinking: I bought this top with plans to wear it to work in [...]

Me Made May – Days 1-6

Here are my first six days of me-made and non-me-made excitement. Disclaimer: I am intensely jet lagged (Seattle, excellent time had, will discuss at a later date) so sorry if this gets weird. Thursday 1st May Wearing: Levis gingham shirt and River Island jeans. Me made apron while cooking. Doing: Sewing and chilling at home Thinking: As I wanted [...]