A 70s Miette

"The Penguin"

“The Penguin”

Firstly, I’d like to say that every time I try and type Miette, I write mouette. A mouette is a French seagull. Fairly appropriate, since Brighton is overrun with the bloody things – the old lady next door feeds them scraps (today, as well as breadcrumbs, they received a raw new potato and a satsuma), and I’m fairly sure someone from our building once threw a birds-eye potato waffle out the window at them – I don’t know whether it was to feed them or a form of attack. I also don’t know if the box of matches which someone has flung into the garden were also seagull related. Neighbours are the best.

"Middle distance"

“Middle distance”

Now, onto the topic of the day: I have made a new Miette. I’m much more pleased with this one – it seemed to go together a lot more smoothly. I don’t know if that was because I’d made the pattern before, or because I’ve just got better at sewing. It’s about three months since I made the last one, so a bit of both I suppose. This time I added some pockets, and I think it’s a bit shorter as well. I also went a bit mad with the boost when I was editing the pictures – just for a nice 70s feel.

"No neck" The back bit doesn't look this weird normally - I'm just standing awkwardly

“No neck” The back bit doesn’t look this weird normally – I’m just standing awkwardly

This one is made of some lovely teal wool-mix stuff which I found on the remnants table in C and H a few weeks ago. Realistically, it was probably a little thick for this pattern. It’s a bit tricky to get the waistband through the loop, although not impossible, and the seams don’t exactly lie flat, I think due to pocket bulk. If I were to make this pattern again in this fabric, I’d probably use something lighter for the pocket linings and one side of the waistband – that would be quite an interesting look, actually.



When I found the fabric, I considered making a Deer & Doe Anémone skirt or a Burdastyle Jenny (with braces). In the end, I decided on a miette because it’s a bit more casual, and the fabric could make the other two look a little bit too formal for my current wardrobe needs. If I’m being completely honest, I also briefly considered making the shorter version of the Pierre Balmain pattern which is silently mocking me at the moment. Thankfully I changed my mind, as just sewing this fabric made me feel a bit itchy so I want to keep it well away from my face and neck.

This has turned out to be a really versatile addition to my wardrobe as it seems to go with most colours and I especially like it paired with these boots. Look at me, unintentionally sewing a thoughtful wardrobe!!!

Does anything in your wardrobe go with anything else, or do you just throw things on and hope for the best? 

It’s a Wrap!

I decided to add a more casual and multi seasonal skirt to my wardrobe. Something which I felt was lacking. I chose a Miette, because I think it’s an interesting take on quite a classic design. Also, other people had them and I was jealous.

I really enjoyed making this, and found the pattern and instructions very clear. I made this a few months ago now, and at the time, it was really helpful to be guided through the process in so much detail. I’m probably a bit more capable now, and could whip this up with slightly more confidence!

I chose a grey linen for this skirt, mostly because I thought the grey would be easy to dress up and down. I didn’t really take into account that linen would fray and crease like crazy. Next time, I’d finish the seams differently. I’ve just had to come to terms with the fact that my lovely skirt will look really crumpled within ten minutes of putting it on. It’s not too bad as long as I don’t sit down. 

The biggest issue I’ve found with wearing this dress is that Brighton is super windy. Although the overlap at the back is very large, I still think I might end up flashing someone. These pictures were taken on a moderately breezy day, and it seems to be ok, but I don’t know what would happen in some of the more extreme weather we’ve had recently. It’s a fair-weather skirt, really. And if I flash you, then maybe you shouldn’t have been looking, peeping tom!