2:365 ucki ood Book

Last year, my friend Missy, part of ucki ood, set herself the ambitious project of painting a small canvas each day for a year. Seventeen years ago, she was diagnosed with bipolar disorder, and this project has been part of her opening up to friends and family and speaking publicly about the condition for the first time. 
I’ve seen glimpses of the work throughout the year, including the first 120 pieces displayed in Brussels last year, and have been impressed at every step by the range of the work, and the effort which Missy has put into the project.
Now, ucki ood are in the process of turning this body of work into a book. They’re looking for funding through Kickstarter, and are offering fantastic rewards in return for support. In return for just $10, supporters will receive a bundle of five high quality postcards with selected images from the book, with higher levels of support being rewarded with anything from calendars to oil painted reproductions of the work, as well as signed first editions of the book.

Not only is this a fantastic piece of work, but anything which breaks down the stigma associated with mental health issues is fine by me. If you’re interested in art, would like to welcome more public awareness of bipolar disorder, or just have some money burning a hole in your back pocket, then head over to ucki ood’s Kickstarter page and have a little look.
One day, I hope that everyone will feel able to open up about their mental health if they want to, knowing they will be supported by family and friends. My friend is bipolar, and she’s perfect to us, the people who know and love her.

All pictures: ucki ood