It’s Snood Easy Being Green

The snood is complete! Huzzah! It was actually completed aaaaages ago, but the weather was bad at the time, and I was disinclined to be photographed in the rain, so this shot of me wearing it with a hoodie and one of my prettiest faces in my sitting room was the best I could manage. I wanted to do better for you. 

Since then, I’ve managed to add a picture of me wearing it with my coat and a normal face in my bedroom to the mix (see below). It does get worn outside, but not when I have a camera to hand, apparently. Just pretend the background shows some nice trees or something.

I’d reduce the circumference by about 20% next time, but I was working with a River Island snood which I’d measured against my arm in the shop (just don’t ask), and I was also a bit worried about it fitting over my big old head coat collar.

As you can see from the first picture, it’s really tall, but it can be folded down to half the size for a more subtle look. It’s nice to have both options, making it practical for cold and less cold weather. I’m actually pretty chuffed with it!

It was a really easy make – perfect for a beginner or a lazy person. Here’s one of the least helpful how to guides in history (British crochet terms):

1. Teach yourself to crochet a little bit

2. Decide how tall you want your snood to be and crochet a foundation chain to that length

3. Double crochet about 80 rows (depending on preferred circumference/head size)

4. Crochet the last row onto the first row, creating a loop – make sure the snood isn’t twisted up before you start

5. Wear that massive snood with pride!

New Hobby for the New Year

Allow me to introduce you to my new love – crochet! 
If you are in any way skilled in this craft, you will notice that I spent the first half of my crocheting life doing it a bit wrong and making things very difficult for myself. 
Note to self: when you reach the end of a row – turn your creation over. Do not attempts to crochet back in the opposite direction on the same side. It works, but it’s really difficult.
One phone call to my mum later and my life has become so much easier. The bottom bit looks a lot less dreadful in real life, and I think it’ll all be ok when it’s finished (a bit of interest, no?). It’s going to be a snood, so I should be able to just turn the thing round to make the weird bit less visible. 
bought the yarn from the Bascule branch of Veritas in Brussels, home to some of the worst customer service in Belgium (I know, hard to believe), mostly because it was called Laura and the colour was so nice. I think it’s 80% acrylic 20% wool.
As I write this, Alfie has fallen asleep on top of the snood. Looks like project number two is going to be making a nice cushion for him to nap on.