Sydney White (2007)

Finally, I've found a film that my boyfriend refused to watch!The story is loosely modelled on Snow White and the Seven Dwarves. A more detailed explanation is that Sydney goes to uni (or college, as she probably calls it) and tries to join the sorority that her dead mum was in. Sadly, her dead mum's [...]

Total Recall (1990)

“Get your ass to Mars”“No, you get your bloody arse to Mars, Arnie” Much better than I was expecting. And I was expecting this to be awful. I don’t like 90s movies very much. I almost always find them quite shit. However, this was good. Except for the special effects. It's funny to look at the 90s [...]

The Fighter (2010)

Half way through watching this film, my mum piped up to ask 'well, if this is a true story, who's it about?'Umm... well, the main character is called Micky Ward, so I guess it's about him, Mum. I love films set in Boston, they remind me to be proud of my Irish side. The problem with [...]