Sometimes I don’t feel like I have much to blog about unless I’ve managed to take photos of something I’ve made, or I’ve been on holiday (more Japan to follow), but looking through my photos from the past month, I realised it wasn’t all dull.

Alfie and I got posing… IMG_2081

…and then he tried out a new comfy sleeping position.IMG_2124

I started working in a really pretty village… IMG_2113

…complete with a nice place to admire the view while I’m studying in my lunch break…IMG_2137

…and I spent much of my first few weeks laughing at this magazine cover in the village shop.IMG_2112

I learnt that I am no longer a country person, after having a terrible reaction to an insect bite and taking my first ever trip to the hospital. The foot still looks a bit weird, but no longer hurts, but I learnt the important lesson to always make sure your toenails are nicely painted.IMG_2119

Ben got a guitar for his birthday, and I took this photo from the shop window while he was choosing.IMG_2105

I tidied up my fabric stash (this is not all of it), and vowed not to buy any more until I found time to sew it! IMG_2127

I took the opportunity to instagram a delicious pulled pork bun from Verano Lounge in Hove. I then hoovered it up in about three seconds. IMG_2139

And finally, our attention was drawn to the presence of a scooter in our street. IMG_2133

Elephant Apron

I hadn’t done any sewing for ages, but it was the obvious first choice for something creative to try. I had all the equipment, and I knew roughly what I was doing. Also, I’d watched the Great British Sewing Bee and become a little obsessed. I’ve always started sewing projects in the past and then abandoned them before making any real progress – the upside of this is that I have three dresses and skirts, started about five years ago, to finish making.
Since the idea of actually following a pattern felt a little daunting when I’d not done it since leaving school, I felt a little intimidated by my half created creations, and decided to start with something simple – an apron entirely of my own invention.
I rummaged through my fabric pile and found a mens sarong which I’d bought in Sri Lanka and never found a use for. Deciding the elephant pattern would make a lovely detail, I got to work. Considering I didn’t plan the layout of my apron too well on the fabric and was forced to improvise heavily when there wasn’t a piece big enough for the lining of the bottom section, I’m really chuffed with how it’s turned out.
Now I’ve built up my confidence a little, I think it might be time to tackle a dress. Don’t worry Alfie, the dress pockets are too small for a cat!

Introducing Alfie

This is Alfie. A friend of a friend found him in her garden and by a series of happy coincidences, he ended up living with Ben and I. I think his favourite thing about living with us is the food which we provide.
It’s quite difficult to cook anything with him around. Today for example, I unwrapped some bread rolls, turned to get the cheese and found him running away with a roll in his mouth when I turned back. Not for the first time.
There is very little this cat won’t eat. We try to be quite careful with his diet, but he’s not having any of it. The only thing I’ve ever seen him turn down was a tube of malt stuff which was meant for kittens. In the end, my friend and I ended up trying it to see what the problem was (we were drunk, it tasted like Christmas, don’t judge us). 
He’s recently started to wake me up at 4.30 in the morning because he thinks this sounds like the perfect time for breakfast. After two weeks of this, I’d reached breaking point and we are now the proud owners of a timed food dispenser. This morning I woke up under my own steam. It was wonderful. 
The electricity had stopped working and it was freezing, which was less wonderful and another story. But at least I didn’t find out at 4.30 am.
Here are some of his finest feeding moments:
Meet my good friends Ben and Jerry
Leftovers, you say?
A new low – trying to eat remains out of the dishwasher