First Praktica Film

I’d bought a Lomography scanner to try and put my negatives onto the computer, but I can’t get the flipping thing to work properly, so instead I have scanned all of the pictures in. On the whole I’m pretty pleased with the results – these are my favourite eight pictures, but there are other ones which are acceptable. Given my reservations as to whether I’d put the film in correctly (and taken it out correctly for that matter), and whether I was actually using the light meter properly, I’m quite chuffed.

I’ve edited the colours a little, and cropped a bit, but generally they’re not too changed. I think using a black and white film could have better results.

How do other people get their prints into the computer? Why doesn’t my Lomography scanner work properly? Why doesn’t the cat look nice in any of the pictures I took of him to use the film up?

Praktica L

In 1974, When my dad turned 21, he was given a second hand Praktica L camera. Growing up, I’ve seen so many images which this camera took that I was thrilled when it was passed on to me this Christmas. For the past 20 years or so, it’s only really been used occasionally – I received a compact camera sometime around my eighth birthday, and we used that from then on. It was easier to load, and less bulky to take out with us. I’m really looking forward to getting it out of retirement!
This model was produced in Dresden, East Germany between 1969 and 1975, although the final camera in the L series was produced in 1989. It really feels like you’re holding a piece of history in your hands when you pick this up – it’s blocky and heavy and just feels old.
The film is now loaded, I’ve worked out how to use the analogue light meter which my mum tracked down in a second hand camera shop in Brighton, and I think I’m ready to go. I’m trying really hard not to take a whole roll of my cat, so this weekend I’m going to head out into the city and see what takes my fancy. I haven’t used a non-digital camera for years, so I hope I’m not too out of practice. I’m looking forward to the challenge of just taking one shot of something and making it count.
Aside from anything else, I’m looking forward to being able to carry on this camera’s story within my family. It has really strong links in my memory with my mum, but its also great to have something which gives me a link to my dad, who I don’t see very often, a souvenir of sorts.