My World

visited 22 states (9.77%)
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Andorra: A discovery that mountains aren’t covered in snow in the summer, tunnels and duty free shopping

Austria: Parallel turns

Belgium: My home for four and a half years, very much missed, but still a constant mystery, just how I like my friends

France: School trips, a run in with a hall of mirrors, a perfect first trip to Paris, a worsening relationship with the city of light, the dry beauty of the south west, the more obvious beauty of the riviera, a first skiing trip, the creepy and atmospheric Pyrenees

Germany: Christmas come early in Cologne

Ireland: Learning to walk in the land of my ancestors, the wind in Dublin, I’ve never seen a miracle like the airport up in Knock

Italy: Teenage drinking on Lake Maggiore, tramps in Milan, disappointment in Florence, bike-tourist accidents in Pisa, chilly winter ferry passages in Venice

Japan: Contrasts, a reunion, hard to put into words

Luxembourg: “Work”

Netherlands: Indoor sky diving, the smell of weed in the air, the relaxation of being by water in Amsterdam, a flea market

Norway: The first warm days of the year in Oslo, pictures by Holmenkollen ski jump, a scenic tram ride back to the centre, the most expensive glass of wine I have ever bought

Portugal: A holiday with friends, arguments over money, a funeral

Russia: A longtime obsession which exceeded expectations, dancing till dawn, meeting a friend’s family, pretending to be Russian

Spain: Multiple summer holidays, an ex boyfriend, a party in Barcelona, another party in Malaga, or maybe Marbella, a family reunion in a van

Sri Lanka: Sun, sea, endless trips in minibuses driven by madmen, extreme friendliness

Sweden: the beautiful wedding of our beautiful friends

Switzerland: A day trip, shooting bb guns at aerials, practicing my languages

Trinidad and Tobago: Lush greenery, an island that more than made up for the company

Tunisia: Arabian feasts and unwanted attention

United Arab Emirates: Shopping, sunbathing, a first holiday with Ben, wadi bashing in the desert

United Kingdom: Settling back into Brighton life, tea and countryside, Boxing day trips to a farm

Unites States of America: the surprisingly American feel of New York, literally sleepless in Seattle, friendliness and friends

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