I’m an April Fool :(


Today my brother and his fiancée (who are travelling in Thailand) posted a picture of a plaster cast, saying that she’d broken her leg and that the hospital were saying their travel insurance wouldn’t cover it.

I first heard about this from my mum, who phoned me, panicking. I rushed home from the supermarket to sort it all out (as I like to do), and only after sending a few messages to them to check that everything was ok did I remember the date.

Well, now I feel quite the April fool. I can’t decide if my mum realised it was a trick and decided to double trick me, which seems unlikely; although this is the woman who told me that Knightmare was real, and that people who didn’t make it out in one episode had to stay in there for the week. Childhood trauma, right there.

Sadly not a joke: there have been builders working in the flat beneath us for over a week now, spreading toxic fumes throughout the building and spending every day singing along to dubstep (turns out that’s both possible and deeply unpleasant).

Finishing on a positive note: Alfie has learnt to sew.


Terry Wogan, Personal Hero

I just read some interviews where people were asked about their childhood heroes. I had to laugh at their choices of cartoon characters and the like – mine was Terry Wogan.

For the non-Brits/Irish (he’s famous in Ireland, right?), Terry is an Irish TV presenter who has lived in the UK and been on the BBC for as long as I can remember. His chat show was on the telly three evenings a week for the first eight years of my life, and he presented my gran’s favourite, the Eurovision Song Contest each year, so it’s not surprising that I was quite attached to the man.

The book above was owned by every household in my family. I assume they all bought it for each other one christmas, hoping to remind themselves of the old country. Look at him – so smooth, so casual! Would you look at that jumper? I think most members of my family owned one of those delights, too!

When I was six, I made up a game which was, surprisingly enough, titled “Wogan”, where I would line up all my cuddly toys on the bed and interview them. One especially exciting “show” featured Superman, Prince Charles (who had recently broken his arm playing polo), and Mozart. A bit of fiction, a bit of reality and a bit of history and music – I presented a well rounded show there! 

Ah, Terry Wogan. Such a lovely, lovely man. He’s 75 now and just down to presenting a radio show each Sunday as well as a few other bits throughout the year. He’s still way up there on my list of people I would be extremely starstruck if I met.

Who was your childhood hero? Do they still live up to your expectations?

Happy New Year!

And happy birthday to my blog (a couple of days early, but who’s counting?). 
2013 was a strange year for me. On the upside, it was a year of new beginnings, but it was also a year filled with stress and difficult decisions. While we’re happy with the decision we made, it’s a little tough sometimes when we’re homesick for Belgium and missing our friends. I hope 2014 is a little easier all round.
My 2013 highlights really make me smile:
  • I rediscovered my love of sewing, and have finally made something which I like
  • I travelled to new places, visiting friends and attending the beautiful wedding of a good friend in Sweden
  • I moved to a flat with a sea view
  • I started Russian lessons
  • I learnt to crochet
I don’t seem to have blogged about most of these things, but there’s always 2014!
I normally make a lot of resolutions, but this year I’m keeping it relatively simple:
  • Improve my sewing (maybe I could sew some of my new work wardrobe)
  • Try new things (experiences, food, anything)
  • Be braver (this links into the above, but also includes just doing stuff without worrying about it for ten days beforehand)
  • Be nice to myself (time to stop dwelling on the small stuff and start focussing on things that make me feel good)

I hope 2014 brings you everything you dream of…

Zombie Shakespeare

Yes, we have a William Shakespeare door knocker! Yes, it’s pretty old and tarnished! And yes, someone has painted a little tie on him!
All of the above makes me very happy.
I’m hoping to get on with a bit more blogging now we’re settled – I have a lot to catch up with, although most of it is currently lacking pictures.

Sort of Settled

Wow – it’s been a while! This little blog must have been feeling pretty abandoned of late…
Settling back in to life in the UK has taken slightly longer than I anticipated. I was lucky enough to start a temp job a week after moving in, but this has meant that I haven’t dedicated as much time as I’d like to getting our flat set up, and organising our lives. Ben’s done a fantastic job of organising things, but the flat was a bit of a disaster when we moved in, and with me taking the car to work every day, he’s a bit stranded when it comes to doing certain things. This weekend has seen the departure of the remaining boxes, all crammed in behind the seats, on the boot and on Ben’s lap as we drove my two seater to the tip. Now things are starting to feel really settled.
When I lived in Brussels, I always complained about not knowing where to buy things or how stuff worked, and how it would be so much easier in England. Guess who’s lived away from their home for too long and no longer knows where to buy things or how stuff works?
Moving back home can be anti climactic, and this has been the case for us in a sense It feels cosy, like warm pyjamas after a long walk in the rain. It’s not scary, but in a way it is, because you’ve changed, and home has changed, and do you really know that many people from home anymore? On the other hand, when you’ve been away so long it’s exciting to relearn about home. We’re enjoying creating new traditions (walking by the sea on a Sunday is my favourite), and exploring all of the local restaurants.
Alfie settled in very quickly – he’s not sure about English food just yet, but is very very keen on fitted carpets.