I’m an April Fool :(

Today my brother and his fiancée (who are travelling in Thailand) posted a picture of a plaster cast, saying that she'd broken her leg and that the hospital were saying their travel insurance wouldn't cover it. I first heard about this from my mum, who phoned me, panicking. I rushed home from the supermarket to [...]

Terry Wogan, Personal Hero

I just read some interviews where people were asked about their childhood heroes. I had to laugh at their choices of cartoon characters and the like - mine was Terry Wogan. For the non-Brits/Irish (he's famous in Ireland, right?), Terry is an Irish TV presenter who has lived in the UK and been on the BBC [...]

Happy New Year!

And happy birthday to my blog (a couple of days early, but who's counting?).    2013 was a strange year for me. On the upside, it was a year of new beginnings, but it was also a year filled with stress and difficult decisions. While we're happy with the decision we made, it's a little tough [...]

Zombie Shakespeare

Yes, we have a William Shakespeare door knocker! Yes, it's pretty old and tarnished! And yes, someone has painted a little tie on him! All of the above makes me very happy. I'm hoping to get on with a bit more blogging now we're settled - I have a lot to catch up with, although [...]

Sort of Settled

Wow - it's been a while! This little blog must have been feeling pretty abandoned of late... Settling back in to life in the UK has taken slightly longer than I anticipated. I was lucky enough to start a temp job a week after moving in, but this has meant that I haven't dedicated as [...]