In which Alfie gets a bed…

IMG_3900Alfie had taken to sleeping on my pillow. This was, in equal parts, adorable and frustrating. Adorable, because catcatcatcatcat, obviously. Frustrating because he didn’t really like sharing, so my head kept getting bitten and kicked. Also, it didn’t seem super hygienic.

In the end, I decided that he was probably trying to tell me he wanted a pillow of his own, and I was happy to help. I bought a cheap pillow, dug some African wax print from my stash, and got to work. It was an incredibly simple make – I used a pillowcase I already owned as a template, and then kind of made it up as I went along.

Forty-five minutes later, Alfie was happily ignoring his new bed.


And a while after that, he decided that he bloody loved it. IMG_3936

Now if I could just persuade my brain that having a pillow to itself should help it fall sleep, we’ll be set.

Love Sewing: Upcycled Beach Tote

Screen Shot 2014-07-26 at 18.35.25

Hey, remember a while ago when I made a bag for my auntie out of an old curtain? Well, not only did my auntie like it, but the nice lady in her local chemist thought it was lovely and bright, and then Helen, the editor of Love Sewing magazine, got in touch and asked if I’d like to write an article about how to make one!!

I thought about it for about a millisecond, before deciding that yes, that is exactly what I would like to do. I’ve always loved writing, and to have the chance to write something for a magazine which I subscribe to and really enjoy reading is a fantastic opportunity.

Writing the instructions in a way that everyone can follow was an interesting challenge. I’ve been told I’m good at explaining things, but I was worried that would only apply to accountancy. When Ben read through the instructions, he thought he’d manage to make a bag following my instructions as long as I set the machine up for him, so that’s a good sign.


I’ve been dying to tell people about this for ages, but I wanted to surprise my mum with a copy of the magazine first. She was thrilled, and I am now free to tell the world!!

My article is in issue three of Love Sewing, which is out now. Pleasingly, my contributor shot is this one of Alfie and I hanging out in our jammies.

I’m an April Fool :(


Today my brother and his fiancée (who are travelling in Thailand) posted a picture of a plaster cast, saying that she’d broken her leg and that the hospital were saying their travel insurance wouldn’t cover it.

I first heard about this from my mum, who phoned me, panicking. I rushed home from the supermarket to sort it all out (as I like to do), and only after sending a few messages to them to check that everything was ok did I remember the date.

Well, now I feel quite the April fool. I can’t decide if my mum realised it was a trick and decided to double trick me, which seems unlikely; although this is the woman who told me that Knightmare was real, and that people who didn’t make it out in one episode had to stay in there for the week. Childhood trauma, right there.

Sadly not a joke: there have been builders working in the flat beneath us for over a week now, spreading toxic fumes throughout the building and spending every day singing along to dubstep (turns out that’s both possible and deeply unpleasant).

Finishing on a positive note: Alfie has learnt to sew.


Introducing Alfie

This is Alfie. A friend of a friend found him in her garden and by a series of happy coincidences, he ended up living with Ben and I. I think his favourite thing about living with us is the food which we provide.
It’s quite difficult to cook anything with him around. Today for example, I unwrapped some bread rolls, turned to get the cheese and found him running away with a roll in his mouth when I turned back. Not for the first time.
There is very little this cat won’t eat. We try to be quite careful with his diet, but he’s not having any of it. The only thing I’ve ever seen him turn down was a tube of malt stuff which was meant for kittens. In the end, my friend and I ended up trying it to see what the problem was (we were drunk, it tasted like Christmas, don’t judge us). 
He’s recently started to wake me up at 4.30 in the morning because he thinks this sounds like the perfect time for breakfast. After two weeks of this, I’d reached breaking point and we are now the proud owners of a timed food dispenser. This morning I woke up under my own steam. It was wonderful. 
The electricity had stopped working and it was freezing, which was less wonderful and another story. But at least I didn’t find out at 4.30 am.
Here are some of his finest feeding moments:
Meet my good friends Ben and Jerry
Leftovers, you say?
A new low – trying to eat remains out of the dishwasher