Hi 2016!

IMG_3465I don’t know about you, but I love starting afresh on 1st January, ready for new challenges and fun. I have high hopes for 2016, and one of those hopes is that I can make a bit more time for my little blog – I miss it!

2015 was a tough year for me. I was exhausted from my gruelling commute, there were some health scares in my family, I started a business with friends while still working full time, and money was tight so holidays became staycations where I beat myself up over relaxing instead of decorating our flat.

IMG_3067There were good times, too.

  • My friend Marthe came to visit from Oslo for my birthday and we had a fantastic time at Hever Castle and out and about in Brighton.
  • We took an anniversary trip to Paris and stayed in the wonderful Hotel Fabric (of course) in Oberkampf. I finally got to meet one of Ben’s French friends, who introduced us to the charming Butte aux Cailles neighbourhood.
  • I tried West African food for the first time when my Ivorian and Ghanaian colleagues took us to 805 Restaurant in London (it’s also popular with the cast of Star Wars!).
  • We formed a pub quiz team and won enough money in six months to pay for a team Quizmas Dinner. With a whole year of quizzing in 2016, we should be able to cover the drinks next time, too! GO QUIZZLY BEARS!!!
  • I took my mum on a birthday tour of a nuclear power station; something I’d been promising/threatening to do for about fifteen years.
  • I found a massive pile of zips in my favourite local charity shop £2.

I’m sure there was other good stuff, but these are the memories which come to mind right now.


I’ve made some changes to my life already in 2016. I will now be working from home, and only 50% of my old full time hours. Taking my old working hours and commute into account, I’ll have something like an extra seven hours a day to dedicate to my business and my life. I’m really excited!

Happy new year, everyone!

4 thoughts on “Hi 2016!

  1. That’s a very interesting selection of memories! Oh, the 805 restaurant…I always feel like I’m in someone else’s living room. 🙂 Your year ahead looks super exciting, with the less working for others and more time building your own ideas! Good luck with all of it!


    1. Thank you – quite a strange selection of memories, all in all. I really don’t know where the year went, but I’m very excited to be onto the new one! I really enjoyed 805, but my colleague from Ghana has requested a trip to an English restaurant next time he’s over – I’m thinking Indian food 🙂


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