Me Made May 2015 – Week 2

Week two, and I’m on a me made roll! It’s taken me a week to get the pictures from my phone to the computer, because apparently Apple aren’t into that happening automatically nowadays (this is what happens when you stop naming your OS after cats).

MAY-5Wearing: Pink t-shirt refashion, Jewel Thief necklace, Levis jeans, M&S vest, Nike trainers

Doing: working from home

The Good: This is the second time I’ve worn this t-shirt so far this month, so it’s obviously doing something right. I got to recycle the previous photo, so no selfies today!

The bad: This is literally the only really casual thing in my wardrobe which isn’t pyjamas (me made jammies are being worn all month by the way).

MAY-7Wearing: Gold Ladyskater Dress (currently unblogged), Uniqlo cardie

Doing: working, voting, showering Alfie with affection

The Good: Nobody realises that this dress is handmade, which is cool. It is also like wearing a nightie – so comfy!

The bad: The fabric is pilling a little already, but I will wear this till it falls apart

MAY-7Wearing: Refashioned Shirt, Uniqlo jeans, ancient Topshop vest

Doing: working from home

The Good: Transforming this from a tunic into a shirt was the best thing I’ve ever done. I wear this all the time. ALLTHETIME!!!

The bad: I’m a bit sad that I’m not wearing this as much as usual in order to give my other outfits a fighting chance

MAY-8Wearing: Simplicity 2215 skirt, H&M(?) denim shirt, Gap denim biker jacket, Clarks boots

Doing: pootling around town

The Good: I hadn’t tried this outfit before, but I was really pleased with it.

The bad: The skirt rides up a bit with tights, which is annoying, but I know I will wear it all the time in the summer

MAY-9Wearing: Refashioned Shirt, Uniqlo jeans, ancient Topshop vest

Doing: having a chilled out Sunday

The Good: See – ALLTHETIME!!!

The bad: I’m not very good at coming up with exciting outfit combos when I could just be wearing a shirt and jeans

4 thoughts on “Me Made May 2015 – Week 2

    1. Thanks! It was a controversial choice of fabric with my family, but in the end they all loved it. I’ve only made PJ bottoms (I used the pattern from Tilly’s book but use elastic for the waist instead of a drawstring for extra lazy :)) – they’re such a quick make! I’ve repurposed some old daywear for the PJ tops, and that works fine.


  1. I like the simplicity skirt too, the whole outfit works really well. I’m impressed with people making an effort with mmmay even on the days that they work from home. If I don’t go out at the weekend, I tend to wear old clothes with holes sometimes haha, not picture friendly, so really well done!! I have noticed though that I don’t have any me-made lounge wear.


    1. Thanks! I was worried there wasn’t enough bright colours going on with it, but sometimes subtle (albeit with a touch of leopard) is ok. I think working from home days are a good chance to try new looks which you’re not really sure about without the pressure of having to go outside in them. Making pyjama bottoms was probably the best thing I’ve ever done – lounging with added smugness!


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