This skirt really strikes a cord with me…

Simplicity 1321 FrontI love red and I love corduroy, so it was no surprise that this bright red needlecord, 10 euros for three metres from Les Coupons de Saint Pierre in Paris, came home with me. I knew that I needed more separates in my wardrobe, so this was always destined to become a skirt of some kind.

These pictures do not do this skirt justice – it was difficult to get the colour to come through nicely in the photos, and the ones where you can see the detail also show up all the wrinkles. The seams are also a lot less bubbly in real life. This is what happens when you decide iPhone pictures will do because you can’t be bothered to find your camera.

I came home and browsed the pattern stash before finding Simplicity 1321, purchased in a sale about a year ago. I really liked the look of view A as it looked like a slightly more professional version of a short tweed kilt with combat pockets that I used to own. I obviously didn’t go down the originally planned route with my bright red skirt, but it’s important to know that there is always some sort of warped logic behind the sewing patterns I buy.

Simplicity 1321 BackAs I had three metres of the fabric, I decided to just try and pin fit it as I went, but after the initial pinning, it seemed to fit almost perfectly, so I didn’t bother making any adjustments. I was actually surprised that it fit so nicely without modifications as you use the same pieces for the front and back. I think I could stand to take about 1cm out of the seams across the back above my bum, but I think this is the level of detail that only I could care about or notice.

I’d imagined that it would sit a bit higher on my waist, and find myself tugging it up quite a bit, but I don’t think mine actually sits any lower than the models (I have an incredibly long body), and the shaping around the hips is nice as it sits now, so I just need to get used to it. Maybe I would take future versions in a bit.

Simplicity 1321 PatternYou may have noticed that view A of the pattern has some interesting tabs on each side. I made these, and then realised that I’d sewn them both for one side. I wasn’t really feeling the unpicking, or the thought of cutting another one out, so I’ve left them off this version. If I make the pattern again, I would include them, as they are utilitarian looking enough for me to not hate them, as I hate almost every decorative feature known to (hu)man.

Talking of making it again, I don’t think I would ever make any of the other variations of this pattern, because they are just far to fussy for my tastes (decorative features – *shudder*). However, I think this version is versatile enough that it could be made again with a few variations each time.

2 thoughts on “This skirt really strikes a cord with me…

  1. Aw this is lovely! And don’t you find that good red fabric is quite rare? I love red too but feel that a good shade of red is hard to find!

    And I agree that some of the decorative features on the other versions of the pattern are questionable!


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