Me Made May 2015 – Week 1

Woohoooooo!! It’s Me Made May!!

Last year, I didn’t have that many pieces of hand made clothing, so I used the month to work out where I was with my wardrobe, and what was missing. It was useful, and I think I’ve been a little bit more mindful about what I make since then. This is the month of truth and this time around I am going to be aiming to wear something me-made for four days a week.

I’ll do a roundup post of what I wore at the end of each week, starting with this short week of three days, which featured handmade items every day because I’m an over achiever.

MAY-2 Wearing: Paisley A-line dress, Uniqlo cardie and belt, thrifted necklace, Clarks brogues (not pictured, but they go perfectly with the belt)

Doing: Working in London, spending a lot of time on freezing train platforms (someone got assaulted on the worlds most middle class train, so they had to cancel it while we all stood around feeling confused)

The good: I can wear whatever I like to work, but some days its nice to make the effort and put a dress on (it’s a shame I didn’t get as far as wearing make-up because I look tired as hell – this was at the end of the day). I felt very put together and professional in this outfit, and received a compliment from a colleague who was unaware of my sewing hobby

The bad: something about the friction caused by my unlined mac on the outer layer of this dress causes the lining to ride up to somewhere around waist height. I spent a lot of time trying to pull it down without flashing on the aforementioned train platforms)

MAY-3 Wearing: Pink t-shirt refashion, Jewel Thief necklace, Levis jeans, M&S vest, Nike trainers

Doing: Shopping, sewing (two new skirts completed – w00t!), thinking important thoughts about life

The good: This was the first stretchy item I ever made, and I’m still pleased with it. I haven’t worn it for ages, but I do get a lot of use from it in the summer

The bad: The lack of stretch in the material leads to drag lines and it’s a bit short. However, I don’t care much about the first point, and I’ve negated the second through my clever use of a vest. I almost always wear this with jeans, so I am looking forward to finding a more interesting combination, since it’s the only proper weekend item (except pyjamas) that I’ve made to date

Me Made May 15 Day 3Wearing: Red needlecord skirt (Simplicity 1321 – currently unblogged), GAP T-shirt, Clarks boots

Doing: Chores, sewing, chilling with my parents

The good: I made this yesterday, felt a little uncertain about it, and therefore decided to get it into circulation as quickly as possible so I could see its good points, which include pockets, and the fact that it doesn’t ride up too much when worn with tights

The bad: It sits slightly lower on my waist than I find ideal, but I think wearing it with something a bit thicker tucked in will help. At the moment, I’m constantly pulling it up a bit. Looking at the pattern, I think it sits where it should, so it’s just me being weird

5 thoughts on “Me Made May 2015 – Week 1

  1. Well done. Wearing handmade while commuting on those trains deserves a golden medal. Your comment about the most middle class trains made me laugh, but since I do the London to Brighton commute everyday, I can see a lot of assaults in the making, commuting turns people into monsters. Love your red simplicity 🙂


    1. That commute is horrific. I’ve started changing at Haywards Heath and taking the 8.04 to London Bridge (it’s an old Gatwick Express, you can get a seat, and the people are nice when they’re not assaulting each other). It always gets in late, but thankfully my office are pretty flexible about that as well as dress codes! And thank you – I think it’s going to be very versatile.


  2. Ahh love the paisley dress! I also love how you’ve properly documented your outfits for Me Made May. I’ve been using Instagram to show mine, but next year I definitely want to create a real photo album like this.


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