Previously Unblogged…

I’ve made a few things recently that I just haven’t really felt like modelling for blog pictures, all for different reasons, so I’ve saved them up and taken some rubbish pictures of them hanging on a wall. This exercise has led me to the conclusion that I should always make the effort to have photos taken of the clothes when I am inside them, because they look a bit sad on their own.

I haven’t blogged about this before because… I don’t think I like it

IMG_2843This is the Delphine skirt from Love at First Stitch, and I just don’t love it. It’s turned out a bit too big (I don’t know how – I made a toile), I’m a bit meh about the colour, and while I really like the exaggerated A line shape on other people, I’m not a fan of it on me.

Good things I will take from this are that I quite like the exposed zip, and the waistband will always be covered with a belt, so it won’t look quite so wrinkly. I will try and fit this into my wardrobe once the weather warms up (it rides up horrifically when I wear tights), so all is not lost.

IMG_2845Lessons learnt: I need to stop getting overexcited about finding fabric in unexpected places, and only buy the fabric if it’s a colour which I will wear.

I haven’t blogged about this before because… it’s the worlds most simple refashion

IMG_2848A few years ago I picked up a tunic in Uniqlo, but the length didn’t really do me any favours. I had a sudden spark of inspiration and shortened it to fit like a normal shirt. I considered taking it in a bit at the sides, but decided I liked it baggy. It is now the most worn thing in my wardrobe.

Lessons learnt: It’s amazing how a simple change can make such a difference with a refashion.

I haven’t blogged about this before because… makeup and pyjamas do not mix

IMG_2846I still had a fair bit of wax print fabric left after making my awesome tunic, and after much deliberation, I decided that croissantish print pyjama bottoms were the obvious and best choice. I used the pattern from Love at First Stitch, but this time I created an exposed turn-up on the hem because I was in that kind of mood. Let me tell you now – there is nothing better than coming home after a tough day at work and putting on breakfast themed loungewear.

These were made in January for my ‘make something every month’ challenge.

Lessons learnt: people who love lounging need loungewear. Lots of loungewear.

Do you blog everything you make? 

9 thoughts on “Previously Unblogged…

  1. Do you know what I think taking the photos is the hardest part of this blogging all your makes malarky. I really do try, and really do want, to get good pics but the whole ‘putting the stuff on and going outside’ bit seems to get a bit difficult…especially with something like PJs! My Margot PJss were photographed on the bed after they’d been worn, without ironing them….REAL LIFE.


  2. I love the color on that skirt! The best thing about basic pieces in your wardrobe means that you get to have lots of fun with accessories!! Also, very jealous of your pajama pants!


  3. I think now I’ve been blogging for a while I don’t feel like blogging everything I make, whereas in the beginning I was more like ‘oh yay I actually MADE something and I can put this on my blog whoo’. I think sometimes we get harder on ourselves and deem some things blogworthy and some not. Otherwise it’s just a question of time and priorities and having other things going on in your life I guess.
    But ultimately – and that is something I love about sewing blogs, the fact that everyone is always questioning what they are doing both on the blog and off – the conclusion most people come to is that it’s your little corner of the internet so you can do what you want with it. 🙂

    I made the Delphine too and I wasn’t that enamoured with it. But it might have been my fabric choice – an old tablecoth – and the fact that I tried to sew it really fast that caused it to be a major fail. But it could also be the A-line – not sure. Might give it another go to see.

    The pyjamas are amazing!! I need more loungewear!


    1. I think I struggle between wanting to blog all the things, but also not having time to take the pictures of them, and perhaps not having that much of interest to say about them. I think that if I feel like blogging and have a backlog of that kind of item, then a sort of roundup post like this works quite well. I also like to have the record of all the things I’ve made on my ‘Handmade Clothes’ page – it makes for a really nice confidence boost when I feel sad about my fitting skills!


  4. Hi Laura!

    I think getting my photos sorted is definitely the hardest part too! Making sure I’ve got enough light, persuading a family member to stand with me in the garden, while I make sure my hair is halfway decent and not blowing in my face…

    Not the best!

    There are definitely some things I leave un-blogged, but now they are getting less and less thank goodness!

    Love the PJ’s by the way, the fabric’s great!


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