Much 70s, So Dress

_DSF7633I’ve set myself the realistic but still challenging goal of finishing one project each month in 2015. In January I made some pyjamas, which I have yet to blog about because blog photos mean makeup, but wearing pyjamas means no makeup, and I just don’t know what to do.

_DSF7585February’s project was much more makeup friendly! I found this wool twill in a local vintage shop and knew it would have to come home with me. Despite loving it, I couldn’t really work out what I wanted it to become. Eventually I realised I was overcomplicating things, and that I should just make a bloody A-line dress because that is exactly what I like to wear.

_DSF7618Out came the pattern from Dressing Chic Revisite les 70s which I have used previously for my birthday dress. I’m not sure if I’ve cut it out slightly inaccurately, or if I’ve traced the pattern inaccurately, but none of the seams at the waistband line up exactly with each other. Fortunately it’s incredibly hard to tell on this fabric, but I’ll probably retrace the pattern if I use it again.

_DSF7609While I’m happy with how this has turned out, I do think I could do a bit more work on the fitting of the bodice in future versions. The neck gapes when I stand in some positions (most of my awkward photography poses). I think this is partly the shape of it, but might I need a slight full bust adjustment? I also have a problem with the bust darts. Despite careful pressing, they do seem a little pointy. This is an issue I have with the orange dress, too, so I wonder if I need to reposition them slightly. Does anyone have any suggestions?

_DSF7586Because I’d made the dress before, I felt confident enough to push my skills slightly. It has a lining, which is a first for me, and the invisible zip is actually invisible! I’m feeling quite proud of myself. I didn’t bother pattern matching, because I didn’t think there was a very obvious repeat when it was laid out on the floor. It looks a lot more obvious on the dress, but I’m not concerned.

I’d been noticing the lack of handmade winter clothes for a while, so it was great to add this number to my wardrobe. I can see it getting a lot of wear in the next month or so.

Do you manage to make clothes for every season, or only for the ones you like?

12 thoughts on “Much 70s, So Dress

  1. Oh my goodness, this is fab. I love the fabric print, and the a-line shape – what’s not to love about the 70s?! Re the bust darts, have you tried shortening them by about 1″. It might do the trick.


    1. Love this paragraph on that blog post:

      “I used to be caught up in ‘defining’ every adjustment that needed to be made, thinking that if it didn’t have a ‘name’ or appear on Google search then the adjustment wasn’t legit or correct, but ultimately, if there’s excess fabric and if it’s bugging you, get rid of it. “


    2. Thanks Zoe, that’s a really useful post. It does only seem to gape when I stand awkwardly (95% of the time, but I definitely have other bodices which have a similar issue.

      I also like the paragraph Emily pointed out. It’s good to remember that sometimes (while wondering if I have the strangest body in the world!).


  2. Love this fabric! Funny about your no makeup/pajama dilemma. … About the darts, my grandmother told me to make a few stitches on the very edge of the fabric when coming off the point end of the dart sewing. Maybe that will help you.


  3. Totally know what you mean about overcomplicating things by pondering for ages what to make! Sometimes we just need to kick ourselves and delve in. I’m in a total procrastination rut at the moment so should take your lead and just bloody make a dress!

    I agree with Lynne about making sure the bust darts stop a bit before the nipple, maybe 1cm or 1.5cm.

    It’s a lovely dress, such perfect fabric! 🙂


    1. I’m really finding this idea of sewing one thing per month successful. I’ve made a jersey dress in the first two weeks of March, and now I can procrastinate all I like for the next week at least!

      Thanks for the advice on the bust dart. It seems so obvious that it is too high now, but because the bodice actually fit my absurdly long body I refused to believe the dart could need moving!


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