December Birchbox

It took it’s sweet time, but when it finally arrived, my December Birchbox was a very welcome treat.

The Hound just isn’t sure if any of these products are right for him…

It even came with a Smokey Eye Masterclass, which explained to me how to apply my new eyeliner in order to look like I’d slept in it (according to the picture). Let’s discuss: eslor-firmingcollagendaycream_1 Eslor Firming Collagen Day Cream (normally £50)
What: Give skin a plumping boost with this ultra hydrating lotion infused with Hydrolyzed Marine Collagen
Thoughts: This is quite thick and gloopy, so I was worried it would be a disaster on my oily skin, but it’s actually much better than the oily skin Garnier moisturiser I have been using for years. Not too oil inducing on the t zone, and great on that weird flaky bit of skin between my eyebrows. I’m not sure if I see a plumping boost, but I like none the less.
Would I buy: I was planning to, but while writing this I’ve discovered that a full size pot costs £50, so no. I don’t want to spend £50 on something which I’ll have to replace in three months (ok, one year, I’m forgetful with skincare).
electric-hair-h-1-shampooElectric Hair Electric Hydrate Shampoo (normally £17.50)
What: Help to repair the damage and improve shine with this nourishing, moisture-rich formula
Thoughts: While I didn’t see any improvement in the state of my split ends, this was a nice shampoo which left my hair feeling clean and shiny. I didn’t need to wash it for three days, which was a result!
Would I buy: Yes, I think I might. 
eyeko_fateyesticktrio_900x900Eyeko Smoke Fat Eye Stick (normally £8)
What: Your smoky eye just got as easy as 1-2-3 with this pigmented jumbo pencil
Thoughts: I think the one included in my box is full sized, and as such, I assume the packaging is the same as if I’d paid for it. If this
is the case, then I’d be really disappointed, because the lid just does not stay on. Unfortunately, the product also doesn’t stay on – I inspected the damage in the office loos at lunchtime, and there was nothing left. 
Would I buy: Nope. It really didn’t work for me.
benefit_highbeam_900x900Benefit High Beam (normally £19.50)
What: A suits all skintones liquid illuminator. Paint a small amount onto cheekbones, then blend, blend, blend!
Thoughts: Wow! A Benefit product I don’t already own! I wasn’t sure I understood the point of this, but when I tried it I felt very pretty – it really highlighted my cheekbones and brows.
Would I buy: Potentially. As with all Benefit stuff, it’s quite pricey, and it’s not something I could be bothered to put on every day – I have a 25 minute window in the morning from getting out of bed to sprinting to the station, so full makeup is unusual. I shall save my tester for special 
occasions! modelsown-velvetgoth-sardonyx_1Models Own Sardonyx Nail Polish (normally £5)
What: Matte, yet sparkly, this multi-dimensional shade has a velvety finish that we’re obsessed with
Thoughts: A pretty red sparkly nail varnish. I applied two coats, because there weren’t enough sparkles with my first application. It’s stood up very well to a week on my toes. It is a little weird to have matte nails – the sparkles make it ok, but plain matte nails make me feel a bit weird. I like the velvety lid very much.
Would I buy: I would, but since I don’t think I’ve ever finished a nail varnish, I don’t need to buy this one! I might think about getting one of the other colours, as they’re all quite ‘me’.
unnamed_39_English Laundry Signature for Her (normally £60)
What: A scent inspired by an English country garden – rose geranium and white flowers with hints of chocolate and jasmine
Thoughts: I often find that perfumes don’t last that long on me, so a tester is a nice way to er… test. I’m normally more of a fruity scent person, but as floral scents go, this is a nice one, with a hint of fruit and an absence of old-lady-wee. The scent lasted for a couple of hours, which is alright by my standards. Am I imagining that perfumes last all day on other people? Does everyone else just rush around reapplying stuff all the time? Am I the worst girl ever? Is it true that putting some vaseline on your wrists first make scents last longer? So many questions!
Would I buy: I am very tempted by this. I’ve recently cleared out a lot of my perfumes because they were so old and starting to smell of pure alcohol, so I think this could find a spot on my shelf. 
coin-purseSophia Webster Purse (normally £25 according to the leaflet, but £10 on the site)
What: Take a walk on the wild side with this leopard print pouch from the coveted designer and our Birchbox collaborator!
Thoughts: It’s just a free purse thing, like you get with a magazine sometimes, nothing to get excited about. It smells of plastic, but is quite cute. I was planning to wedge the Eyeko eye stick in there to keep its stupid lid on, but since I’m going to donate the stick to someone else, I’m currently just using it to store random things I find in my handbag.
Would I buy: No. Her shoes are cute though.

What do you think?

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