Wardrobe Architect #2: Defining a Core Style

waheaderTime to get back on the old Wardrobe Architect horse/bike/wagon. Week 2 works on defining a core style – something which has been on my mind a lot this week.

When you are wearing your favourite clothing, how do you feel?

My favourite outfits make me feel confident, stylish, comfortable, smart, interesting, effortless, and attractive.

When you’re wearing something that’s not quite right, how do you feel? What are the feelings you want to avoid about the clothes you wear? 

Sometimes I can feel overdressed, like I’m in costume, or like it’s obvious how hard I’ve tried to make the outfit work. If I feel like my outfit is too fussy looking, then I’ll spend a lot of time fiddling with it. At other times I feel frumpy and as if I’ve made no effort. If I don’t feel comfortable with my outfit then I’ll always be very self conscious and compare myself to others.


Who do you consider to be your style icons? What is it about them that appeals to you?

I’m struggling with this, as I don’t think I really have style icons. If I had to pick some people, then I’d choose the following:

Alexa Chung – she dresses in an interesting way and doesn’t just wear one style. I saw a quote once that she always wants to look like an excellently dressed boy or a kitten from the sixties.

Clemence Poesy – I really like her laid back French style.

Emma Watson – she always looks well put together, as though she’s made an effort even if she’s dressed quite simply with minimal makeup and hair. I think a lot of it boils down to her nice attitude.

Finally, a bit off piste, but Wes Anderson films – I love the stylised look of them, but I don’t think I would feel comfortable dressing in that way all the time.

What are some words that describe styles that you like in theory, but are not quite you? 

Loose fitting dresses – these look terrible on me, but can look so stylish on others. I can wear a loose top, but it needs to be with skinny jeans or tucked into a skirt.

Full vintage styles – I like a nod to vintage styles in my outfits, but wearing head to toe 1950s would make me feel very overdressed.


Look over your answers from last week (ha! June!) on history, philosophy, culture, community, activities, location, and body. List at least 15 words that you associate with your answers. Think about descriptive words, moods, and feelings you associate with these things:

Comfortable, stylish, bright, indie, retro, fitted, fun, vintage, freedom, preppy, 70s, cheerful, colourful, relaxed.

Are there other words you would like to add to this list? What other words describe your core style?

Continental, French, patterned, simple.


Look over the answers to all of the questions above. If you had to narrow your list to only 3-5 words to describe you, which words would you choose?

Preppy, french, retro, comfortable, bright.

Collect 15-20 images that represent these 3-5 words for you. You could create a pinterest board, a folder on your computer, a moodboard, or a collage. Be creative and have fun!

I created my collages using Canva, a really easy to use design tool which I discovered this morning. For photo credits and a couple of extra pictures, check out my Wardrobe Architect pinterest page.

One thought on “Wardrobe Architect #2: Defining a Core Style

  1. I’ve been meaning to make a start on the Wardrobe Architect project myself and am enjoying following yours! 🙂 I also love vintage style but couldn’t imagine myself going out head-to-toe in it, would definitely feel like a costume! Thanks for the design tool tip, I hadn’t heard of that one.


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