Moving on up!


Hurrah! I am back! And I am accompanied by my new life mantra – chill the fuck out!

The past couple of months have been exhausting. I started a new job with a three hour daily commute, We bought a flat, decided not to hire removal men, and then, unsurprisingly, I got sick three times in six weeks. So, yeah, time to chill the fuck out.


I’ve got space for a sewing area in the corner of our bedroom. It’s not that light, so I’ve added a lamp to the desk and also on top of my trusty Billy bookcase. I took this picture at night – it is normally a bit better than this. I’ll eventually replace Billy with some shelves attached to the wall (he has to stick out into the room a bit because of a plug socket in the way). We’re going to redecorate the bedroom at some point, so I’ll probably wait until then to make any changes.

Most of the furniture is from Ikea, because we bought it in Belgium, and there were very few (cheap) options I found for buying furniture there. I’d like to update it with something more interesting at some point. I got the chair when my old company in Brussels updated their meeting rooms. I have two of them, and I think they are probably 1950s-60s. I’m not a big fan of leather furniture, but I’m also quite reluctant to recover these; they’re a bit scuffed, but I think it adds to their character. They’re really meant to go around the dining table which we haven’t found yet, but I tried another chair at my desk and it wasn’t very comfy. Maybe I should go back to Belgium and see if they have any left in storage?


After setting up my sewing area, I promptly sat down and finished off a few repairs and a skirt I’d been making. I then sat down and had a think about what I want to sew next. I want to get back on track with the wardrobe architect thing because I really want to sew things which I can wear all the time, and I don’t do that right now. I’m lucky to work in an office where I can wear anything I want, so I should take advantage of that, and make exactly what I want to be wearing.

I’ve got a couple of pre ‘personal style revelation’ makes to show you, but apparently I get less and less photogenic as each day goes by. I’ll reconsider the pictures I’ve already taken when I’m feeling less grumpy about my face.

Is taking pictures of yourself the worst thing about having a blog for you? If not, what is the worst? TELL ME YOUR SECRETS FOR TAKING A DECENT PICTURE!!

5 thoughts on “Moving on up!

  1. Haha, my approach is to just exclude my head from the photos! It’s the one thing that delays my posts too – I have about four ready to go except for the damn pictures. Lighting and convenient photogenic spaces are really an issue. Hope you’ve settled in to the new place and job enough to be able to section off some quality ‘me’ time and relax! 🙂


    1. I think you might have the right approach! There must be some amazing places to take pictures in Shanghai. I’m getting there with the relaxing, but it’s been quite hard to get used to having no free time after having a lot of time off at the start of the year.


      1. Right, it’s about finding that balance all over again. In one way, it seems harder to do that as the days get shorter because it feels like you go straight from work to nighttime, but in another way, winter really lends itself to staying cosy and putting your feet up! 🙂 You deserve some down time after all those busy weeks!


  2. I feel your pain on ‘unexpensive furniture that is not Ikea in Belgium’. That leather office chair looks great though.
    I always take way too much pictures and try to smile in each and every one of them. You can’t look horrible if you’re smiling, in my opinion. I mean, yes, I sometimes look like a maniac, but at least a happy one.
    Good luck with your next attempt at taking pictures! I’m really curious to see what you’ve made!


    1. A happy maniac is definitely better than a sad one. And yes, I think smiling is the way forwards. I think my problems start when I try to look moody or thoughtful and just look extremely angry instead – I AM FURIOUS WITH MY NEW CLOTHES!


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