Wardrobe Architect #3: Exploring Shape

This week's task was quite simple and involved ranking different styles of clothing by how much you like wearing them. I tried to go with my gut instinct for this, and there were no shocking revelations.   I think I have a fairly good idea of the styles that don't suit me (loose, dropped waists), so this wasn't a huge [...]

Wardrobe Architect #2: Defining a Core Style

Time to get back on the old Wardrobe Architect horse/bike/wagon. Week 2 works on defining a core style - something which has been on my mind a lot this week. When you are wearing your favourite clothing, how do you feel? My favourite outfits make me feel confident, stylish, comfortable, smart, interesting, effortless, and attractive. [...]

Moving on up!

Hurrah! I am back! And I am accompanied by my new life mantra - chill the fuck out! The past couple of months have been exhausting. I started a new job with a three hour daily commute, We bought a flat, decided not to hire removal men, and then, unsurprisingly, I got sick three times in [...]