Love at First Stitch: Brigitte and Margot


When Tilly posted pictures of all the patterns in her Love at First Stitch book, I knew I was going to have to buy it. With the possible exception of the Brigitte headscarf and the Mimi blouse, these were all styles which I could see myself wearing a lot. I was willing to give the headscarf and blouse a try, too – I hate having my hair in my face when I’m at home, and I desperately need some nice tops.

When the book arrived, it was every bit as gorgeous as I’d expected. I spent a couple of days just stroking it and cooing weirdly. It’s packed full of patterns and tips about not only sewing, but also making it a lifestyle and it’s just a lot cooler than the majority of sewing books out there.

After reading the book from cover to cover and examining each pattern carefully, I decided that the best thing to do would be just to work through the book, making everything in order. Each pattern comes with different variations to try, so they’re really versatile.


The first pattern is the Brigitte scarf, saviour of bad hair days the sewing world over. I’m not 100% comfortable with headscarves, especially while my hair is fairly short and I can’t tie them in a knot at the nape of my neck without revealing the knot to the world and feeling like I’m in costume. However, the hair-in-face-at-home dilemma wasn’t going anywhere, so I decided I could try out a lounge wear headscarf and see how I got on with that.

I had some purple polkadot fabric left over from that mysterious trip to a fabric shop in France, when I bought three fabrics I didn’t like that much, and left my beloved skunk print on the shelf. Actually, this was the fabric which I used for my doomed second Sorbetto. After that disaster, it remained in my stash for a long time because I thought it was more lavender than it actually is, and I had fears that it might be cursed. Also, I don’t really like polkadots – don’t tell the sewing police!

Anyway, with no firm plans for the fabric, and nothing else that I didn’t want to be seen outside the house in, I decided that I would use it to make the Brigitte headscarf and the Margot pyjamas. I thought coordinating loungewear might be a nice thing.

“Things could always be worse. At least they aren’t making ME wear the scarf…”

The instructions in the book are lovely and clear, although this didn’t stop me from misreading them and making my first attempt at a scarf much too short. Once I’d recut, everything went according to plan, and I sported my headscarf that very evening!

A few days later, I was sick, and in the midst of my delirium I decided that I’d feel a lot better if I made myself some jammies to recuperate in. On the basis that I wasn’t making a muslin and I’d never made trousers before, I decided to play it safe with my long body and go for a size over my normal waist measurement. I have a habit of making things too small,  and I didn’t want these to be too tight if they had to be done up lower than I’d intended. I think it was unnecessary, but they are lovely and roomy (Ben was confused at my decision to make clown trousers). I felt better almost immediately!

The morning after making these, I went to flop on the sofa for a good lounge, but the fabric, which is not very smooth, got a bit caught up with my dressing gown, and the crotch ripped! It is a sign of how much I already love them that they were repaired ten minutes later.

One thing I might suggest is that if your fabric is a bit rough, like mine, or you’re really lazy, like me, then an elasticated waistband might make life easier. As I’m lazy, I haven’t got round to changing mine yet, but I think I will do at some point.


So far, I’m really impressed with Love at First Stitch, and I’m looking forward to the next project, the Delphine skirt.

7 thoughts on “Love at First Stitch: Brigitte and Margot

    1. They’re so comfy that I nearly wore them to the supermarket the other day!

      Thanks! His cunning plan to turn everyone into a cat person is working 🙂


  1. Lovely set! I just made these PJs too but somehow managed to do French seams the wrong way around for one leg so they’re a bit mismatched! I think if it was something I’d be wearing in public, I’d have rectified it but as its PJs, I’m happy enough! 🙂


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