Me Made May – Days 25-31

The final stretch! Also, a brief conclusion!

Sunday 25th May

Wearing: Blue flannel shirt tunic thing, skinny H&M jeans, Toms
Doing: A day out with my mum and step dad to Michelham Priory, this included a surprising amount of time spent rescuing baby birds
Thinking: I don’t think this is the best length on me, as it seems to accentuate my little legs and long old body. I might shorten it, as it’s lovely and snuggly, and doesn’t get very much wear as it is. I am in the process of making myself a distressingly similar shirt
Me Made Improvements: Let’s see how my me made shirt turns out

Monday 26th May
IMG_1954Wearing: Gap jumper, H&M skinny jeans
Doing: I was not not in the mood for watching a film, and the Odeon was slightly less disgusting than I remembered, so Ben struck while the iron was hot and took me to see the new X Men film (which was good). We also had a nice brunch at the New Club on the seafront.
Thinking: This picture shows my outfit trying to jump off a cliff because it looks so awful on me. I think the shape of the jumper is the problem – it’s quite baggy around the tum, and this, combined with a v neck seems quite frumpy on me. It’s also got 3/4 sleeves, and we all know how I love them.
Me Made Improvements: Anything would be an improvement on this

Tuesday 27th May
Wearing: I want to say that I wore my nice Levis and a striped Gap t-shirt, but I honestly can’t remember. It was probably topped with my Comptoir des Cotonniers mac. I woke up feeling quite ill the next day, so maybe that explains my memory loss. I do remember considering getting changed into a me made, but deciding it was a bit chilly and rainy.
Doing: Viewing a flat
Thinking: Umm…
Me Made Improvements: I need some more clothes for in-between weather.

Wednesday 28th May
IMG_1957Wearing: Me made jammies (currently unblogged)
Doing: I was ill, so I lounged in bed for the morning, before getting up and making myself some pyjamas to lounge in later in the day. Sometimes I am surprisingly industrious.
Thinking: So comfy. I hold these responsible for my quick recovery
Me Made Improvements: Ha!

Thursday 29th May
Wearing: Yellow/grey striped long sleeved Gap tee, good Levis
Doing: I was feeling a lot better, so I spent the day working on some sewing projects and doing my Russian homework. Apparently I didn’t take a picture.
Thinking: Not the most exciting outfit in the world. As you may have noticed, I don’t really dress up when I’m at home, which is a bit of a shame when I think about it.
Me Made Improvements: I could have worn something more exciting!

Friday 30th May
IMG_1958Wearing: Linen Miette, Gap tee, Clarks wedge desert boots
Doing: Admin things. I hate doing things like that at home, but dressing in a slightly work appropriate way made it a bit more bearable. Later on, I went out for dinner with Ben.
Thinking: I was due to have a job interview, but the interviewer was sick. By the time I found that out, I already had some tights on, so I decided to pop a me made skirt on top. I decided to pair it with this top as it’s a silhouette I’ve seen and liked on other people, but assumed wouldn’t work on me for some reason. I actually felt really put together and vaguely edgy in it!
Me Made Improvements: I am a walking me made improvement on yesterday

Saturday 31st May
IMG_1960Wearing: Me made buttonless shirt dress, belt of unknown origin, Uniqlo leggings, Clarks boots, Gap denim biker jacket
Doing: Viewing a couple of flats (squee!), taking crap pictures
Thinking: I wanted to finish Me Made May (or meh meh meh as Ben calls it) with a me made, and as the weather was pretty nice, I decided on this dress. I think the accessories work well to toughen up this fairly twee print. I don’t know if the yellow belt exactly goes with the jacket and boots, but hey, that’s two new outfits I’ve discovered today!
Me Made Improvements: None. I have ended the month on a high by working out different ways to wear two of my me mades in the last couple of days.

Favourite Outfits: Day 4, Day 7 (eve), Day 8, Day 15, Day 17, Day 21, Day 30 & Day 31

Me Made May has been a really useful experience. Not only has it forced me to wear a few more different outfits than normal, but it’s encouraged me to think about what makes me feel good and why. I wore nearly all of my me made clothes, with the exception of a skirt which is a bit tight at the moment, and the more wintery outfits. I’m going to have a crack at the Colette Wardrobe Architect series in order to build up a cohesive plan of what I want my wardrobe to look like.

Heads up: What I want is an eclectic mix of colours and styles which magically all go together. Should be a fun challenge!

3 thoughts on “Me Made May – Days 25-31

  1. “meh meh meh” is the greatest most accurate description about how I (and most of the blogging community, I think) feel about the last week of MMMay. I laughed out loud.

    But we’re done! And we did it! Woohooo!


    1. Woohooo!! I was surprised by how tedious it was to take pictures of myself every day – apparently I’m less vain than I thought! 🙂


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