Me Made May – Days 19-24

AKA Laura’s selfie hell continues…

Monday 19th May

Wearing: Oasis skirt, black vest
Doing: Phone interview, sewing
Thinking: I was having a bad hair day, so Alan bravely volunteered to model for me. I like this skirt because it looks like the kind of thing I would make. It’s also probably the only thing that has ever fitted me from Oasis. I do not have the right body shape for their clothes
Me Made Improvements: I was going to wear the Olive skirt, but it felt a bit tight (how do my me made clothes that were massive last year feel tight, but my normal fitting high street clothes still fit?)

Tuesday 20th May


Wearing: Gap chinos, Zara 3/4 sleeve top
Doing: I went to see a recruitment agent who was lovely and encouraging
Thinking: Even Alfie couldn’t find anything right in my wardrobe. I never know what to wear for this kind of thing. It’s not an interview, but you’re going to someone’s office, which makes me think I should be smart. However, last time I visited an agent he was wearing an Ed Hardy t shirt, so I decided to go for something fairly normal here. I noticed mid way through the day that the trousers have some kind of oil stain on them.
Me Made Improvements: At some point I need to suck it up and make some trousers

Wednesday 21st May

Wearing: Vero Moda short sleeved jumper, Levis, Me made tote bag
Doing: Errands, chores, tidying my sewing space, Russian homework
Thinking: I think this is the first time I’ve worn this jumper. I don’t really understand the point of a jumper with short sleeves, but it actually worked ok for the temperature. The colour in the picture isn’t really accurate – it’s a sort of fluorescent coral/orange, which is why I bought it.
Me Made Improvements: I use my tote a lot, so that’s better than nothing today

Thursday 22nd May


Wearing: Esprit skirt, TM Lewin blouse, Dune shoes
Doing: Another job interview. Later in the day, Alfie and I watched a programme about weaving and I thought I might like to give that a go
Thinking: This skirt is part of an incredibly loud suit combo which I don’t wear together. Separately, the two suit components go incredibly well with a lot of clothes. The blouse is too tight on my boobs, which is always a problem for me.
Me Made Improvements: Smart tops. I could definitely have worn my wool Miette for this interview, but of course I wasn’t sure beforehand

Friday 23rd May

Wearing: Ancient Topshop blouse (ca. 2001), crap Levis, Nikes
Doing: Feeling a bit fed up after not getting the three jobs I’ve interviewed for (I did get three interviews from three applications though, so that’s pretty cool), cheering up a bit when I was invited for an interview somewhere else, going to a Russian lesson
Thinking: I’ve seen this blouse look really good on someone else, but I don’t know if I like it on me. I really like the idea of it, as I’ve had it since I was 17. These jeans are awful. They don’t hold their stretch at all, which is just wonderful considering they cost about £90.
Me Made Improvements: Maybe I could do something to the blouse to make it a bit more me? I don’t really know what that means, and Ben seems to quite like it as it is… Maybe it’s too short?

Saturday 24th May

Wearing: 1. Gap t-shirt, Gap chinos (sand), Toms, Comptoir des Cotonniers mac. 2. Same t-shirt, Oversized grey cardie (see Alfie shot from 20th May), crap Levis, Nikes, Primark anorak. 3. Yellow/grey striped Gap jumper, good Levis, Clarks boots, mac from outfit one
Doing: Going out for lunch, feeling a bit cold so changing into the slightly warmer outfit two, going for a walk to see about the distance between a few different roads and the station (we are house hunting), getting caught in a freak storm and sheltering in Coop for ten minutes, running home and changing into outfit three (boots in May! What the hell?), going to look at a flat, feeling a bit too hot
Thinking: The weather is destroying me
Me Made Improvements: I’m glad none of my me mades were destroyed in the weather

Thoughts so far: I hate all of my clothes. But seriously, I need to build up more variety in my me made wardrobe. It’s no good having a lot of skirt and dresses when I like to spend at least half my time wearing trousers and t-shirts.

We’re trying to buy our first home at the moment. I’m sure it’s going to be a lot smaller than the flat we rent at the moment, so I’m going to have to curate my wardrobe more carefully to fit it into our new space.

3 thoughts on “Me Made May – Days 19-24

  1. Don’t be discouraged by the job hunt – that you’re getting so many interviews is surely a good sign! Also: nearly done with selfies!! Only a few days to go now 🙂


    1. Yeah, I’m generally not too upset about the job hunt – these things take time! I’m sure the right job will come along soon 🙂

      Aside from the selfies (which I thought I would enjoy more), this month has been quite interesting and has forced me to dig out some clothes I never wear.


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