Me Made May – Days 13-18

Alright, back from my holiday and ready to wheel out the rest of my wardrobe!

Tuesday 13th May


Wearing: Auntie made owl jumper (not blogged) and Gap chinos
Doing: Flopping around, still a bit jet lagged
Thinking: I wanted to wear this jumper one last time before it gets too warm, although it was already a bit warm. Unconvinced about the chinos
Me Made Improvements: None really. I’m counting the jumper as a me made success since it is made by a member of my family

Wednesday 14th May


Wearing: Warehouse dress, Zara blazer, Dune shoes and a crazy face
Doing: A job interview!! I’ve forgotten how to dress for them a bit, and I’m not really in the mood for wearing trousers and a blouse at the moment. I work in accounting, so I like to look smart for interviews, but the shoes add a touch of fun. As Ben pointed out, anywhere that doesn’t want to employ me after I go to an interview in blue shoes is probably not somewhere I want to work.
Thinking: I’m actually really pleased with this combo
Me Made Improvements: My wool Miette would probably have been ok for this interview, but I wanted to err on the overdressed side of caution.

Thursday 15th May


Wearing: Me Made Leopard Skirt, Gap 3/4 sleeve tee, Dune shoes
Doing: sewing my leopard skirt, playing with the cat and having dinner at my mums
Thinking: I’m really happy with the skirt, which I will blog about soon. The shoes are also a runaway (ha!) success, and surprisingly good on my dodgy as hell feet. For someone who doesn’t like wearing 3/4 sleeve tops, I seem to have an awful lot of them.
Me Made Improvements: Ain’t no improving on this bad boy.

Friday 16th May


Wearing: Me Made tote bag (not blogged or pictured), Gap 3/4 sleeve top, Gap chinos, Toms, chunky necklace from a shop in Brighton
Doing: Russian lesson, then a Macmillan Night In at a friends
Thinking: I am a walking Gap advert
Me Made Improvements: I could have worn a me made dress, but I was worried about getting cold legs. The bag gets regular use for Russian books and shopping

Saturday 17th May


Wearing: knitted Zara top, M&S vest, Gap denim biker jacket, Levis, Nike Air Max
Doing: Walking into town for brunch, vintage shopping and dinner with the in laws
Thinking: I am tired of taking selfies – this one does not show the outfit well, but I like me in it. The biker jacket didn’t get much wear last year, but it seems to be my favourite at the moment.
Me Made Improvements: I should make some tops

Sunday 18th May


Wearing: Me Made Leopard Skirt, black Gap t shirt, thrifted green necklace, Scholl sandals
Doing: car washing, driving around with the roof down, wandering around Chichester
Thinking: I love this skirt, although I’ve realised that leopard print is something of a neutral. It wasn’t the best choice for a trip to the Jetwash, but it worked out fine for the rest of the day.
Me Made Improvements: Pretty happy with this

Thoughts so far: I think my new skirt has filled a gap in my wardrobe, and I’m pleased that it has turned out to be so versatile. I should definitely make some office clothes.

3 thoughts on “Me Made May – Days 13-18

  1. Great to see the new skirt in action! 🙂 I love when you make something and can’t wait to wear it. And I’m quite jealous of your gorgeous Owls sweater – I’m making one at the moment and am at the point of knitting the owls and joining the sleeves but I just can’t get down to it!


    1. I imagine it’s difficult to knit when the weather starts to improve – it always seems like a winter sport to me!

      I was thrilled when my auntie made it for me – she even discovered youtube when she got confused with the instructions and had a look on line 🙂


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