Me Made May – Days 7-12

Alright! Here are my outfits from several weeks ago!

Wednesday 7th MayDSCN0641 IMG_1900

Wearing: Day: Peacocks tunic shirt thing, H&M jeans, Nike trainers. Night: thrifted dress, thrifted necklace, Clarks boots
Doing: A visit to the Seattle Center during the day, then some amazing middle eastern food
Thinking: I bought this top with plans to wear it to work in the summer, and I think it will be great for that. I’m keen to try it tucked into something. Talking of work wear, I once wore this dress to work, but decided it was too short to repeat the experiment. Now it is one of my most regularly worn going out dresses – I really like it paired with this necklace, which I bought during the trip – it also goes well with a selection of belts.
Me Made Improvements: I could probably fit more tunic shirt thingies into my wardrobe if I was so inclined.

Thursday 8th MayIMG_1906


Wearing: Day: Seaworld t-shirt from Boy Parker in Brighton, American Apparel hoodie, Levis, Nikes. Night: me made tribal dress, black cardie, boots, thrifted purple necklace
Doing: Helping to set up, and then attending the Ucki Ood art exhibition and book launch
Thinking: I’m absolutely so in love with this t-shirt – every time I look in the mirror while wearing it I start to laugh. The dress was as popular as ever, receiving compliments from friends and strangers alike!
Me Made Improvements: None, really.

Friday 9th May


Wearing: sleeveless denim Forever 21 shirt, striped Gap jumper, black jeans, Nikes
Doing: visiting the aquarium before dinner and drinks in the evening
Thinking: I hadn’t tried these two tops together before, but I like the look. The jumper has 3/4 sleeves which means I don’t wear it much, but it makes my boobs look smaller, which I like
Me Made Improvements: Nothing at this moment

Saturday 10th-Sunday 11th May

Wearing: Long sleeved denim shirt, American Apparel hoodie, H&M jeans
Doing: 16 hours of travel, a considerable portion of which was at night, and 14 hours of which was spent awake. Not taking pictures.
Thinking: Nice and simple outfit for the flight. The jeans were starting to get a bit stretched after a few days wear, but they were the only thing that went with my shirt. They’re still better in the stretch-retaining stakes than the disappointing Levis (not the ones I’ve featured here) that I paid ninety quid for.
Me Made Improvements: Make money, become rich, fly first class?

Monday 12th May

Wearing: tracksuit bottoms and a red sweatshirt
Doing: Jetlag
Thinking: no picture of this one because I looked terrible. I’d like to find a way to wear the sweatshirt with something a bit smarter, but my go-to skinny jeans need a wash and I can’t think of anything else
Me Made Improvements: Loungewear

Thoughts so far: Again, the brighter the colours, the happier I am. With the exception of my stripy dress, which I LOVE. Actually, I love it even more since the addition of a necklace, so the bright colours thing still stands.

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