Seattle Part I


I’ll probably break down the excitement of our trip to Seattle into a few posts, lest it all get a bit too much for you. I was so excited about it, I started my holiday diary the day before we even left, so I’ll try and be a bit concise with the bits that only I care about!

Friday 2nd May
I booted it home from my Russian lesson (I’m always Russian around – hahaha ha ha…) and we headed for Heathrow. We got a bus to the terminal from the car park, then had to wait for another bus to the hotel which, despite being called Hilton T5, was in fact not at T5. Schoolboy Heathrow error. That bus arrived and was full so we thought we’d check out the taxi situation – £35 apparently – I swore at the taxi queue bouncers, and huffed off back to the bus stop. The coach was £8 return, which I also considered a rip off, but there was little I could do about it. The hotel was lovely and new, but the location pissed me off. Give me Gatwick Airport any day of the week.

Saturday 3rd May

Neighbors, Please stop opening this door! It is NOT a portal to another dimension. My bedroom is right behind it and when you SLAM it shut, it freaks out my cats and the humans living here. Thanks, Dave

We shuttled back to the airport at 5.30 am and I didn’t swear at anybody. I managed 1 hour of sleep while sitting upright on the plane (personal record), finished reading Look Who’s Back by Timur Vernes (started funny, then got a bit real), and watched Inside Llewyn Davis (I didn’t get it, which was annoying as I really thought I would love it).

Getting into the US was a delight, as ever. I got my bag sniffed by a doggy, and Ben had to have an agricultural scan.

Missy and Kim drove us to our home for the week (we rented an apartment in Capitol Hill on Airbnb), supplied us with donuts from Top Pot (om nom) and left us to settle in. Next door to us we were pleased to find that there was a portal to another dimension, and CATS! As it was 1.30pm, we decided to take a nap. We woke up 12 hours later, ate our donuts and felt a bit sad.

Sunday 4th May
DSCN0610We gave up trying to sleep at 5.30am and waited for Missy and Kim picked us up at a more normal time of the morning. When they arrived, Kim informed us that one of our neighbours had died. He was correct.


We went to 5 Spot for breakfast. Ben went for the Slinger and I had a Val Verde Scram – we would recommend both. The Val Verde Scram comes with a chub, which after asking the waitress, turned out to be a link, which is actually a sausage.


Next we drove up to Fremont, where I spent some time having my photo taken with Murder Lenin, before going to meet the troll who lives under the bridge. We discussed whether flotation tanks were relaxing, or whether you’d just freak the hell out – Missy and Kim had given them a try recently, and it’s a bit of both, apparently.


We headed over to Ballard to see the Farmer’s Market, and we scoffed a bag of yummy fresh cinnamon sugar covered donuts, before heading back to the car for the next stop. Archie McPhee’s shop is brilliant – there were all kinds of masks to try on, including my beloved horse head. I picked up the annual Christmas tree ornament for my mum and step dad, and a tote bag with a giant squid catching a diver.


Next up it was Gasworks Park, which is very scenic and has fantastic views across to Downtown across the sound. Kim said he went there once and there was a closed off section with some black stuff oozing out of the ground. Sadly we missed out on any such excitement, but I did see a man having a lovely time with his doggy.


That night, the four of us went for drinks at Bathtub Gin, which was a very cool place with potent cocktails, but incredibly slow service. A highlight for all of us was when the drunk lady opposite’s boyfriend went to the loo and she didn’t notice and kept talking to his empty seat for five minutes.

Dinner was at Serious Pie, a fancy pizza place who’s logo looks like a man who’s penis is on fire. I had one which used egg in place of the tomato sauce, and was topped with serrano, cheese and rocket. It was delicious.



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