Me Made May – Days 1-6

Here are my first six days of me-made and non-me-made excitement. Disclaimer: I am intensely jet lagged (Seattle, excellent time had, will discuss at a later date) so sorry if this gets weird.

Thursday 1st May
Wearing: Levis gingham shirt and River Island jeans. Me made apron while cooking.
Doing: Sewing and chilling at home
Thinking: As I wanted to use the month to try out some new or rarely worn combinations, I started as I meant to go on, with some items which don’t see much use.  I rarely wear this shirt because I think it looks a bit cowboy (it has a pointed yoke at the back, that’s all). I should do, because it’s actually pretty nice, if perhaps a little shorter than I’d like. As far as I can work out, the jeans don’t get worn because of an itchy label at the back. Also, are brightly coloured jeans still fashionable? Do I care? I’m not sure…
When I went out, I wore my beloved khaki mac (which will probably appear heavily in later posts) and my winter boots, taking the look from cowboy to off-season-elf.
Me Made Improvements: Make shirts. I know from a lifetime of experience that shop bought shirts are far too short for me, so sewing them would make a lot of sense.

Friday 2nd May
IMG_1892Wearing: Ancient Topshop vest, Springfield cardie and Gap chinos
Doing: packing for my holiday and going for a Russian lesson
Thinking: I’ve had the vest since I was about 18, and it’s looking a bit tired. It’s really been relegated to only being worn under things. The cardie is also looking a bit scruffy and old, and the holes make my arms chilly. I’m not sure I’m willing to get rid of it though, as it’s one of the nicer ones that I own. I don’t wear the chinos very often, but they’re comfy so maybe I should. I don’t feel they are hugely flattering in the hip area, but that could be the outfit as a whole. I will try them with other combos and report back!
Me Made Improvements: eh, learn to knit??

Saturday 3rd May
Wearing: skinny Levis, 3/4 sleeve breton Gap top, American Apparel hoodie, Clarks boots
Doing: Leaving on a jet plane
Thinking: A nice comfy outfit with heaps of layering for a 9 hour flight
Me Made Improvements: None right now

Sunday 4th May
Wearing: Day: skinny Levis, yellow 3/4 sleeve jumper from an Amsterdam boutique, Clarks brogues, Comptoir des Cotonniers mac, Paperchase zebra brolly. Night: me made blue dress, black cardie, blue heeled Dune brogues
Doing: A tour of Seattle, then dinner
Thinking: I love this jumper as it reminds me of the holiday when I bought it, however I don’t like 3/4 sleeves very much as I worry about cold arms. I’m pleased that I wore this dress for dinner, and that I paired it with my new birthday shoes. Not pleased enough to take a picture, apparently. If you’re curious, I wore it with the same cardie as in the link, but with heels.
Me Made Improvements: I wore a me-made, so none really

Monday 5th MayDSCN0621


Wearing: Day: Esprit jumper, Gap chinos, black brogues. Night: M&S blue chambray shirt, black H&M jeans
Doing: Sightseeing and dinner at a friends
Thinking: I recently bought this very soft jumper to replace an old crunchy one. I love these chinos, but struggle to find shoes to match them (got a blister on my toe from these ones). I really hope that I didn’t look as bad as I do in this picture! It’s a bit neutral for me, really. The evening outfit was nice (and all new), again the picture doesn’t do it justice.
Me Made Improvements: I don’t feel too bad about buying these clothes – the shirt was a birthday present from my mum and I don’t feel ready for the challenge of sewing jeans just yet. I suppose some jewellery would be nice to cheer up the jumper – I should look into taking a class as it’s something I’ve always fancied learning

Tuesday 6th May

Wearing: red Gap t-shirt, black H&M jeans
Doing: Thrift store shopping
Thinking: Didn’t take a picture again – I think I keep deciding against selfies because I’m on holiday and therefore will have my picture taken in some touristic hotspot. Sadly, Ben rarely takes pictures of me – I don’t know if it’s because he doesn’t like having his own photo taken and assumes others feel the same, or whether it’s because I’m neither a reflection, nor a shadow (if you’ve seen Ben’s flickr, you’ll understand). Because this tee is a bit baggy, I tend to wear it with skinny jeans so it doesn’t look too frumpy – however, I don’t think I could look frumpier than I did yesterday, so I don’t think I should worry!
Me Made Improvements: I reckon I could make a t-shirt like this if I wanted some more

Thoughts so far: The tightness of all of my trousers leads me to the conclusion that I’ve put on some weight. As I’m not really feeling the idea of making new trousers for myself at the moment, and as we’re coming up to summer, then I think focussing on day dresses and skirts could be a really positive step towards a happy wardrobe.

My favourite outfit so far has been the yellow jumper one – it’s hard to be sad when you’re wearing yellow and keeping the rain off with zebras. I like wearing bright colours, and I think I suit a lot of them (certainly red/orange/yellow/purple, and maybe green). I’m going to try and put outfits together with a bright piece as a starting point, rather than an afterthought based on which trousers I’m wearing. When I say I’m going to try this, I mean after 14th May, when I’m writing this up – don’t expect any such excitement until then!

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