A Tribe Called Best!


As you may recall, I loved my first Simplicity 1609 so much that I considered marrying it (I might not have mentioned it specifically, but I did). Thankfully, it turns out that you can’t marry a dress, because if you could, then I don’t think it would be too happy with the love affair I’m having with it’s brother, Jiffy II.


I finished this up just in time for our weekend in Brussels, and it was the dress I wore when I smashed my face in – my biggest concern at the time was whether or not I was bleeding on my dress. Oh, and weird, I just remembered that the bloke who ran the sandwich bar opposite my office on the other side of Brussels walked past as my friends gathered round to examine the damage (current state: a bit of a scar). Maybe I was hallucinating.

Back to my boyfriend the dress. I was worried about wearing it again, just in case it was unlucky, but its three outings since then have gone without any trouble, even the time when I had a foot so blistered I couldn’t walk, so I reckon we’re alright.


This time around, I made the simplest version – no collar or bow. There were a couple of issues with the fit on my first version, so I made some amendments to try and improve matters. Firstly, I increased the size of the neck darts at the back by 1cm each, which helped a lot with the neck gaping, although I think I should lengthen them on future versions as it can appear a little hunchbacked from certain angles. I decided against a sway back adjustment, and just used a shorter zip. The zip was about an inch shorter than I’d have liked, which makes it a bit tricky to pull on and off – I could step into the last one, but this is an over-the-head-breathe-in job. The back looks a lot better on the bum this time round, although maybe I should do a sway back adjustment in future. You can’t really tell in this shot because I turned round before Ben had taken the picture.

Regard! I also got some new sunglasses!

I left this one longer than the last one, so it hits just above the knee. I’d planned to shorten it (I took four inches off last time), but somehow the pattern looked better at this length. I got the fabric from Fabric Land in Brighton for about £3/metre. It’s a bit thicker than the charity shop sheet I used for the last one, and I think it sits more nicely because of that. This was my first ever attempt at fabric matching, and I think I did a pretty good job on the front seam – there’s some shaping in it, so it could never be perfect. I don’t know what went wrong at the back, because I spent ages matching it up – at least the horizontal lines run straight across, even if there’s a double diamond thing across the zip.


I’m really chuffed with my new dress and have been wearing it at every opportunity. It’s currently my go-to going out for dinner dress, but once the weather warms up enough for me to shed my tights, I think it’s going to make an excellent day dress.

9 thoughts on “A Tribe Called Best!

  1. Hey, some guy in Florida is petitioning to marry his porn-filled laptop, surely you can marry a dress!

    Love it, by the way. The print is amazing and the fit is very flattering. And I don’t believe you that there’s a front seam on there. Nice work!


    1. Well, if he can then so can I! Thank you – obviously the seam is the first thing I notice when I look at it, but it’s good to know it’s only me 🙂


    1. Thank you! I’ve been getting quite into the idea of styling photoshoots. I think I was going for 80s brat pack film in this one. I had an image in mind, but annoyingly I can’t remember who it was, or what they were doing!


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