Me Made May – Days 25-31

The final stretch! Also, a brief conclusion!

Sunday 25th May

Wearing: Blue flannel shirt tunic thing, skinny H&M jeans, Toms
Doing: A day out with my mum and step dad to Michelham Priory, this included a surprising amount of time spent rescuing baby birds
Thinking: I don’t think this is the best length on me, as it seems to accentuate my little legs and long old body. I might shorten it, as it’s lovely and snuggly, and doesn’t get very much wear as it is. I am in the process of making myself a distressingly similar shirt
Me Made Improvements: Let’s see how my me made shirt turns out

Monday 26th May
IMG_1954Wearing: Gap jumper, H&M skinny jeans
Doing: I was not not in the mood for watching a film, and the Odeon was slightly less disgusting than I remembered, so Ben struck while the iron was hot and took me to see the new X Men film (which was good). We also had a nice brunch at the New Club on the seafront.
Thinking: This picture shows my outfit trying to jump off a cliff because it looks so awful on me. I think the shape of the jumper is the problem – it’s quite baggy around the tum, and this, combined with a v neck seems quite frumpy on me. It’s also got 3/4 sleeves, and we all know how I love them.
Me Made Improvements: Anything would be an improvement on this

Tuesday 27th May
Wearing: I want to say that I wore my nice Levis and a striped Gap t-shirt, but I honestly can’t remember. It was probably topped with my Comptoir des Cotonniers mac. I woke up feeling quite ill the next day, so maybe that explains my memory loss. I do remember considering getting changed into a me made, but deciding it was a bit chilly and rainy.
Doing: Viewing a flat
Thinking: Umm…
Me Made Improvements: I need some more clothes for in-between weather.

Wednesday 28th May
IMG_1957Wearing: Me made jammies (currently unblogged)
Doing: I was ill, so I lounged in bed for the morning, before getting up and making myself some pyjamas to lounge in later in the day. Sometimes I am surprisingly industrious.
Thinking: So comfy. I hold these responsible for my quick recovery
Me Made Improvements: Ha!

Thursday 29th May
Wearing: Yellow/grey striped long sleeved Gap tee, good Levis
Doing: I was feeling a lot better, so I spent the day working on some sewing projects and doing my Russian homework. Apparently I didn’t take a picture.
Thinking: Not the most exciting outfit in the world. As you may have noticed, I don’t really dress up when I’m at home, which is a bit of a shame when I think about it.
Me Made Improvements: I could have worn something more exciting!

Friday 30th May
IMG_1958Wearing: Linen Miette, Gap tee, Clarks wedge desert boots
Doing: Admin things. I hate doing things like that at home, but dressing in a slightly work appropriate way made it a bit more bearable. Later on, I went out for dinner with Ben.
Thinking: I was due to have a job interview, but the interviewer was sick. By the time I found that out, I already had some tights on, so I decided to pop a me made skirt on top. I decided to pair it with this top as it’s a silhouette I’ve seen and liked on other people, but assumed wouldn’t work on me for some reason. I actually felt really put together and vaguely edgy in it!
Me Made Improvements: I am a walking me made improvement on yesterday

Saturday 31st May
IMG_1960Wearing: Me made buttonless shirt dress, belt of unknown origin, Uniqlo leggings, Clarks boots, Gap denim biker jacket
Doing: Viewing a couple of flats (squee!), taking crap pictures
Thinking: I wanted to finish Me Made May (or meh meh meh as Ben calls it) with a me made, and as the weather was pretty nice, I decided on this dress. I think the accessories work well to toughen up this fairly twee print. I don’t know if the yellow belt exactly goes with the jacket and boots, but hey, that’s two new outfits I’ve discovered today!
Me Made Improvements: None. I have ended the month on a high by working out different ways to wear two of my me mades in the last couple of days.

Favourite Outfits: Day 4, Day 7 (eve), Day 8, Day 15, Day 17, Day 21, Day 30 & Day 31

Me Made May has been a really useful experience. Not only has it forced me to wear a few more different outfits than normal, but it’s encouraged me to think about what makes me feel good and why. I wore nearly all of my me made clothes, with the exception of a skirt which is a bit tight at the moment, and the more wintery outfits. I’m going to have a crack at the Colette Wardrobe Architect series in order to build up a cohesive plan of what I want my wardrobe to look like.

Heads up: What I want is an eclectic mix of colours and styles which magically all go together. Should be a fun challenge!

Me Made May – Days 19-24

AKA Laura’s selfie hell continues…

Monday 19th May

Wearing: Oasis skirt, black vest
Doing: Phone interview, sewing
Thinking: I was having a bad hair day, so Alan bravely volunteered to model for me. I like this skirt because it looks like the kind of thing I would make. It’s also probably the only thing that has ever fitted me from Oasis. I do not have the right body shape for their clothes
Me Made Improvements: I was going to wear the Olive skirt, but it felt a bit tight (how do my me made clothes that were massive last year feel tight, but my normal fitting high street clothes still fit?)

Tuesday 20th May


Wearing: Gap chinos, Zara 3/4 sleeve top
Doing: I went to see a recruitment agent who was lovely and encouraging
Thinking: Even Alfie couldn’t find anything right in my wardrobe. I never know what to wear for this kind of thing. It’s not an interview, but you’re going to someone’s office, which makes me think I should be smart. However, last time I visited an agent he was wearing an Ed Hardy t shirt, so I decided to go for something fairly normal here. I noticed mid way through the day that the trousers have some kind of oil stain on them.
Me Made Improvements: At some point I need to suck it up and make some trousers

Wednesday 21st May

Wearing: Vero Moda short sleeved jumper, Levis, Me made tote bag
Doing: Errands, chores, tidying my sewing space, Russian homework
Thinking: I think this is the first time I’ve worn this jumper. I don’t really understand the point of a jumper with short sleeves, but it actually worked ok for the temperature. The colour in the picture isn’t really accurate – it’s a sort of fluorescent coral/orange, which is why I bought it.
Me Made Improvements: I use my tote a lot, so that’s better than nothing today

Thursday 22nd May


Wearing: Esprit skirt, TM Lewin blouse, Dune shoes
Doing: Another job interview. Later in the day, Alfie and I watched a programme about weaving and I thought I might like to give that a go
Thinking: This skirt is part of an incredibly loud suit combo which I don’t wear together. Separately, the two suit components go incredibly well with a lot of clothes. The blouse is too tight on my boobs, which is always a problem for me.
Me Made Improvements: Smart tops. I could definitely have worn my wool Miette for this interview, but of course I wasn’t sure beforehand

Friday 23rd May

Wearing: Ancient Topshop blouse (ca. 2001), crap Levis, Nikes
Doing: Feeling a bit fed up after not getting the three jobs I’ve interviewed for (I did get three interviews from three applications though, so that’s pretty cool), cheering up a bit when I was invited for an interview somewhere else, going to a Russian lesson
Thinking: I’ve seen this blouse look really good on someone else, but I don’t know if I like it on me. I really like the idea of it, as I’ve had it since I was 17. These jeans are awful. They don’t hold their stretch at all, which is just wonderful considering they cost about £90.
Me Made Improvements: Maybe I could do something to the blouse to make it a bit more me? I don’t really know what that means, and Ben seems to quite like it as it is… Maybe it’s too short?

Saturday 24th May

Wearing: 1. Gap t-shirt, Gap chinos (sand), Toms, Comptoir des Cotonniers mac. 2. Same t-shirt, Oversized grey cardie (see Alfie shot from 20th May), crap Levis, Nikes, Primark anorak. 3. Yellow/grey striped Gap jumper, good Levis, Clarks boots, mac from outfit one
Doing: Going out for lunch, feeling a bit cold so changing into the slightly warmer outfit two, going for a walk to see about the distance between a few different roads and the station (we are house hunting), getting caught in a freak storm and sheltering in Coop for ten minutes, running home and changing into outfit three (boots in May! What the hell?), going to look at a flat, feeling a bit too hot
Thinking: The weather is destroying me
Me Made Improvements: I’m glad none of my me mades were destroyed in the weather

Thoughts so far: I hate all of my clothes. But seriously, I need to build up more variety in my me made wardrobe. It’s no good having a lot of skirt and dresses when I like to spend at least half my time wearing trousers and t-shirts.

We’re trying to buy our first home at the moment. I’m sure it’s going to be a lot smaller than the flat we rent at the moment, so I’m going to have to curate my wardrobe more carefully to fit it into our new space.

Me Made May – Days 13-18

Alright, back from my holiday and ready to wheel out the rest of my wardrobe!

Tuesday 13th May


Wearing: Auntie made owl jumper (not blogged) and Gap chinos
Doing: Flopping around, still a bit jet lagged
Thinking: I wanted to wear this jumper one last time before it gets too warm, although it was already a bit warm. Unconvinced about the chinos
Me Made Improvements: None really. I’m counting the jumper as a me made success since it is made by a member of my family

Wednesday 14th May


Wearing: Warehouse dress, Zara blazer, Dune shoes and a crazy face
Doing: A job interview!! I’ve forgotten how to dress for them a bit, and I’m not really in the mood for wearing trousers and a blouse at the moment. I work in accounting, so I like to look smart for interviews, but the shoes add a touch of fun. As Ben pointed out, anywhere that doesn’t want to employ me after I go to an interview in blue shoes is probably not somewhere I want to work.
Thinking: I’m actually really pleased with this combo
Me Made Improvements: My wool Miette would probably have been ok for this interview, but I wanted to err on the overdressed side of caution.

Thursday 15th May


Wearing: Me Made Leopard Skirt, Gap 3/4 sleeve tee, Dune shoes
Doing: sewing my leopard skirt, playing with the cat and having dinner at my mums
Thinking: I’m really happy with the skirt, which I will blog about soon. The shoes are also a runaway (ha!) success, and surprisingly good on my dodgy as hell feet. For someone who doesn’t like wearing 3/4 sleeve tops, I seem to have an awful lot of them.
Me Made Improvements: Ain’t no improving on this bad boy.

Friday 16th May


Wearing: Me Made tote bag (not blogged or pictured), Gap 3/4 sleeve top, Gap chinos, Toms, chunky necklace from a shop in Brighton
Doing: Russian lesson, then a Macmillan Night In at a friends
Thinking: I am a walking Gap advert
Me Made Improvements: I could have worn a me made dress, but I was worried about getting cold legs. The bag gets regular use for Russian books and shopping

Saturday 17th May


Wearing: knitted Zara top, M&S vest, Gap denim biker jacket, Levis, Nike Air Max
Doing: Walking into town for brunch, vintage shopping and dinner with the in laws
Thinking: I am tired of taking selfies – this one does not show the outfit well, but I like me in it. The biker jacket didn’t get much wear last year, but it seems to be my favourite at the moment.
Me Made Improvements: I should make some tops

Sunday 18th May


Wearing: Me Made Leopard Skirt, black Gap t shirt, thrifted green necklace, Scholl sandals
Doing: car washing, driving around with the roof down, wandering around Chichester
Thinking: I love this skirt, although I’ve realised that leopard print is something of a neutral. It wasn’t the best choice for a trip to the Jetwash, but it worked out fine for the rest of the day.
Me Made Improvements: Pretty happy with this

Thoughts so far: I think my new skirt has filled a gap in my wardrobe, and I’m pleased that it has turned out to be so versatile. I should definitely make some office clothes.

Hey Babe, Take a Walk on the Wild Side


I got a new sewing machine for my birthday and I loves it. Despite asking for it, I hadn’t expected to actually get it, so it was a lovely surprise. My birthday was last month, but it didn’t work when I first received it, so it went back to the shop for repairs, and then I was on holiday, and then I got it back and was excited all over again. Aside from the disappointment of receiving a broken machine, GUR were really helpful about getting it fixed, and were happy to hold onto it while I was away.

I wanted to test out my new machine with something new, rather than just finish off something which I was already working on, it seemed more exciting. I’d bought this Cynthia Rowley pattern because I was after a sleeveless blouse pattern, and I thought the other two designs looked interesting too. This pattern has the added design option of adding a whole bunch of fringing to everything. Yeah, I’m going to give that a miss.

For a first bash at the pattern, I decided to make the skirt. It has pockets and asymmetric pleats. When Andrea made her dress from this pattern, she changed the pleats so they were symmetrical, and I really like the look of that with the fabric she used. As my fabric is quite a bold print, and as this was my first time using the pattern, I decided to follow the instructions and stick with the chaos which Cynthia and pals had so carefully marked out.


Sewing this up with my new machine was a joy. Everything worked, and nothing made any terrible noises. I got a bit confused with the instructions when it came to attaching the pockets, since one of them is next to the zip, but I worked it out in the end. I haven’t made this type of skirt before, so it was a bit of a mystery to me. Basically, on one side you attach the pocket front to the front and the pocket back to the back, then sew the side seam around the edge of the skirt and pocket. For the side with the zip, you attach the pocket front to the skirt front, then attach the pocket back to the pocket front, before basting it shut. Then you pop an invisible (or fairly visible in my case – must buy an invisible zip foot) zip into the side seam. It’s logical once you get going. Due to my uncertainty, one of my pockets is big enough for my massive hands, but the other one is a squeeze – I’m less likely to lose things out of the little one, though.

I cut a 14, because that matched up with my current measurements and I figured it would be pretty easy to take in if needed. After attaching the zip, I tried it on and found that it was about an inch too big at the waist. Thank God for asymmetric pleating – I just took a random chunk out of it somewhere, and never looked back. I decided to leave the waistband as a size 14, figuring I could just add an extra closure to it to stop it poking out. In the end, it wasn’t that much longer than it needed to be, and I decided to close it with a button, rather than just a hook and eye.

The fabric I used is actually a duvet from Primark which cost me £12 (and yes, I was upset that a sheet wasn’t included for that price). I know shopping in Primark is a bad thing, but I needed jeans and I have no money. I didn’t find the jeans, so ended up spending my money on two duvet covers (even I’m intrigued to see what I create with grey and white fabric covered in bikes with little birds sitting on them). I’d been wanting to make something in leopard print for a while, and this seemed like as good a time as any. As you’d expect from a £12 duvet cover, it’s quite a crunchy fabric. This works quite well with the skirt, as it helps to add body. It actually sticks out quite nicely to the front and the back, but I was rushing to take pictures so didn’t think to take a side view. I don’t know how comfy it would be for the top half – I guess we’ll find out when I make a matching blouse! I had some concerns that it may be a little see through, but actually I think it’s fine.


What strange coloured legs I have…

When I was sewing with my old machine, I’d always dread trying new stitches or doing anything new, because it would invariably be a total nightmare. With my new machine, I’m actually keen to try new things – I just made my first buttonhole! I did a blind hem! A whole new world of sewing options is opening up to me!

Part of the reason I made this skirt in this fabric was to spite my mum, who doesn’t like animal prints, and who bet me that I wouldn’t make it. I’m pleased I did, because I think it’s something I’ll get a lot of wear out of in the summer. It’s nice to try fabrics that are outside of your comfort zone sometimes, and in this case it’s resulted in something I can’t wait to wear again! My mum has since deemed it “surprisingly alright”. I think Ben could be classed as “warming to it”. My step dad seemed to actually like it, and said that the zip wasn’t that noticeable because of the folds.

Another part of the reason I made this skirt now is that the first time I met Zoe, she was wearing at least 75% leopard print, so I thought this would be a very appropriate Me Made May make.

Me Made May – Days 7-12

Alright! Here are my outfits from several weeks ago!

Wednesday 7th MayDSCN0641 IMG_1900

Wearing: Day: Peacocks tunic shirt thing, H&M jeans, Nike trainers. Night: thrifted dress, thrifted necklace, Clarks boots
Doing: A visit to the Seattle Center during the day, then some amazing middle eastern food
Thinking: I bought this top with plans to wear it to work in the summer, and I think it will be great for that. I’m keen to try it tucked into something. Talking of work wear, I once wore this dress to work, but decided it was too short to repeat the experiment. Now it is one of my most regularly worn going out dresses – I really like it paired with this necklace, which I bought during the trip – it also goes well with a selection of belts.
Me Made Improvements: I could probably fit more tunic shirt thingies into my wardrobe if I was so inclined.

Thursday 8th MayIMG_1906


Wearing: Day: Seaworld t-shirt from Boy Parker in Brighton, American Apparel hoodie, Levis, Nikes. Night: me made tribal dress, black cardie, boots, thrifted purple necklace
Doing: Helping to set up, and then attending the Ucki Ood art exhibition and book launch
Thinking: I’m absolutely so in love with this t-shirt – every time I look in the mirror while wearing it I start to laugh. The dress was as popular as ever, receiving compliments from friends and strangers alike!
Me Made Improvements: None, really.

Friday 9th May


Wearing: sleeveless denim Forever 21 shirt, striped Gap jumper, black jeans, Nikes
Doing: visiting the aquarium before dinner and drinks in the evening
Thinking: I hadn’t tried these two tops together before, but I like the look. The jumper has 3/4 sleeves which means I don’t wear it much, but it makes my boobs look smaller, which I like
Me Made Improvements: Nothing at this moment

Saturday 10th-Sunday 11th May

Wearing: Long sleeved denim shirt, American Apparel hoodie, H&M jeans
Doing: 16 hours of travel, a considerable portion of which was at night, and 14 hours of which was spent awake. Not taking pictures.
Thinking: Nice and simple outfit for the flight. The jeans were starting to get a bit stretched after a few days wear, but they were the only thing that went with my shirt. They’re still better in the stretch-retaining stakes than the disappointing Levis (not the ones I’ve featured here) that I paid ninety quid for.
Me Made Improvements: Make money, become rich, fly first class?

Monday 12th May

Wearing: tracksuit bottoms and a red sweatshirt
Doing: Jetlag
Thinking: no picture of this one because I looked terrible. I’d like to find a way to wear the sweatshirt with something a bit smarter, but my go-to skinny jeans need a wash and I can’t think of anything else
Me Made Improvements: Loungewear

Thoughts so far: Again, the brighter the colours, the happier I am. With the exception of my stripy dress, which I LOVE. Actually, I love it even more since the addition of a necklace, so the bright colours thing still stands.