Me Made May 2014

I really want to join in with Me Made May this year, but my limited selection of me-mades make it a little tricky to go the whole hog and wear something made by myself every day. Current Tally 3 skirts 3 dresses 1 pair of shorts 1 bag 1 apron 1 snood 0 tops (my Sorbetto [...]

Salme Buttonless Shirt Dress

Back in February, while my sewing machine was away for its annual service, I discovered Salme patterns. Figuring I'd have enough time to print and cut out a pattern before the machine was returned to me (slightly less disappointing than before), I bought myself the Buttonless Shirt Dress pattern. The instructions, for the most part, were great, and [...]

A 70s Miette

Firstly, I'd like to say that every time I try and type Miette, I write mouette. A mouette is a French seagull. Fairly appropriate, since Brighton is overrun with the bloody things - the old lady next door feeds them scraps (today, as well as breadcrumbs, they received a raw new potato and a satsuma), and I'm [...]