Happy Shopper

When my auntie came to stay recently, she admired both my curtain, and my tote bag. “Aha!” I thought, “Aha! I shall combine the two!”
Can we call this a self drafted pattern? I mean, it’s only a tote bag, but I did make a pattern for it all by myself (with a slight pause to watch a video on how to make a square bottomed bag on youtube). Yeah, lets call it self drafted and make me feel very pleased with myself indeed. 
I was so happy with it, that as soon as it was finished and photographed, I headed straight up to the post office to send a nice surprise all the way to Yorkshire. Hopefully she’ll like it; you can fit A3 paper inside, so she should be able to get her Daily Telegraph in, as well as some groceries (which won’t fall over thanks to the flat bottom – yeah!! ). 
I used the curtain’s natural resources (massive eyelets) to form the strap holes, and used french seams for added strength. They make it a little bit bulky, but I think it’s ok. The cotton is pretty thick anyway, so I don’t think it’s a fold-up-and-keep-in-your-bag-bag. Ben thinks it looks like an owl.

Oh, and by the way, I learnt from my mistakes and used a denim needle, which made all the difference to my sanity with this project.
The two dressmaking projects I’ve been working on at the moment have come to a bit of a standstill after various blunders on my part. The 70s tunic is just a disaster partly through strange instructions, and partly through stupidity (let’s call this version a toile). The Kelly skirt is probably too small for me, and I’m disinclined to finish it – also, sewing that corduroy is akin to punching myself repeatedly in the face. Today it began shedding wildly all over the flat. It’s everywhere. I have corduroy up my nose. Does decent corduroy do that? Is this what I get for buying cheap shit?

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