To Do…

…in no particular order. 

Beachy Tunic

My first proper vintage creation is cut out and ready to go! The fabric is the grey stuff which I got in France, but my God, I wish it was skunk print. I got the ribbon in Fabric Land (do NOT click on that link if you have epilepsy), and it’s not exactly what I wanted, but it hurts my eyes a little bit, and that can only be a good thing. 

Jiffy II
I love this dress. I love this dress so much. I got this cotton for about £3/metre in Fabric Land (surprise!). I’d planned to make a different dress with it, but I need a dynasty of Jiffys in my life. I’m going to try out my alterations from Jiffy I, leave off the collar and buttons, and I’m wondering about including the additional excitement of an exposed zip. 
Growing up in the woods, I used to live opposite a girl called Kelly. She was a few years older than me, but she’d come to my birthday parties and stuff. Her family had some ferrets and a dog called Piper. I wonder where she is now.
This skirt doesn’t have any ferrets, more’s the pity, but it does have some polyester/nylon blend corduroy (guess where that came from). I need a winter skirt and it’s time I learnt to make buttonholes.
I was planning to make this for my friend’s wedding last summer, but it never quite happened. The design is absolutely beautiful, and I love this fabric (John Lewis), so I think it’s time to do something about getting the two of them together to form a meaningful relationship. 

Lumberjack Shirt
This is, I think, literally the last piece of plaid brushed cotton available in Brighton and Hove (thank you C and H Fabrics). It is also, according to the pattern, not big enough, but if I have to live with one sleeve, I have to live with one sleeve.
The original idea was a shirt for Ben, but the lack of man-fabric caused too many problems, so I changed my plans to an Archer for myself. Then I saw this pattern in my sewing bee book, and decided it was close enough to what I wanted. Who needs cuffs, anyway?

Pierre Balmain
Oh, Pierre. How you intimidate me. I had to take my mum and auntie shopping to finally reach a decision on the fabric to use for this. I left my flat with plans for a light wool with some kind of pattern, which, somewhere between Fabric Land and C and H, turned into maybe a plain crepe in rust. But my refusal to pay more than £10/metre led me to this pink jersey with grey flecks through it.  Having never sewn anything stretchy before, I can’t help thinking I may have bitten off more than I can chew. On the plus side, it is so, so soft, so if the dress doesn’t work out very well, then at least I shall have an excellent nightie.
Here’s a close up of the loveliness:

2 thoughts on “To Do…

  1. Wowsers, these patterns and fabric are gorgeous! I've actually been semi-stalking that Balmain pattern on eBay and Etsy for some time now, so cute. Can't wait to see your finished 'to dos' 🙂


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