Home Made Jewellery Display

What do you do with a blank wall and a jewellery collection which is rarely worn because it’s stored in boxes and you forget about things which aren‘t in front of your face? 
Well, one option would be to make yourself a pretty jewellery display from an old pin board. You could also probably manage to take a nicer picture of it than I have.
It was all very simple, really:
  1. Pop some eye screws into the top corners and wind picture wire around them (you could also use ribbon)
  2. Stick washi tape around the edges of the board to brighten it up a bit
  3. Grab some dressmaking pins (as they are what you have to hand) and pin your jewellery up neatly (or messily, up to you)
  4. Whack a picture hook into the wall, hang your jewellery dislay up, spend an hour straightening it
  5. You, my friend, are DONE! Stand back and admire your work.

100 extra points if you manage to match your tape colour to that of your duvet by accident.

250 extra points if your cat deems this piece of DIY worth walking past.

Apologies for the dreadful pictures. Bad weather, bad light. Too impatient to wait for something better.

What do you think?

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