Happy New Year!

And happy birthday to my blog (a couple of days early, but who’s counting?). 
2013 was a strange year for me. On the upside, it was a year of new beginnings, but it was also a year filled with stress and difficult decisions. While we’re happy with the decision we made, it’s a little tough sometimes when we’re homesick for Belgium and missing our friends. I hope 2014 is a little easier all round.
My 2013 highlights really make me smile:
  • I rediscovered my love of sewing, and have finally made something which I like
  • I travelled to new places, visiting friends and attending the beautiful wedding of a good friend in Sweden
  • I moved to a flat with a sea view
  • I started Russian lessons
  • I learnt to crochet
I don’t seem to have blogged about most of these things, but there’s always 2014!
I normally make a lot of resolutions, but this year I’m keeping it relatively simple:
  • Improve my sewing (maybe I could sew some of my new work wardrobe)
  • Try new things (experiences, food, anything)
  • Be braver (this links into the above, but also includes just doing stuff without worrying about it for ten days beforehand)
  • Be nice to myself (time to stop dwelling on the small stuff and start focussing on things that make me feel good)

I hope 2014 brings you everything you dream of…

What do you think?

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