It’s Curtains for You!

As someone with astonishing natural ability in the field of procrastination, I am not well known for the productive use of my spare time. Why do anything when you could be lying on the sofa playing Sudoku on your iPad?   Strangely, this attitude has failed to yield results when it comes to setting the [...]

Make Do and Mend

  Something wonderful has happened in our new flat: I have a dedicated sewing area! It's lovely to be able to leave my sewing machine out all the time and not have to worry too much about clearing my projects away because it's dinner time and it would be nice if we could actually use [...]

Zombie Shakespeare

Yes, we have a William Shakespeare door knocker! Yes, it's pretty old and tarnished! And yes, someone has painted a little tie on him! All of the above makes me very happy. I'm hoping to get on with a bit more blogging now we're settled - I have a lot to catch up with, although [...]