Sort of Settled

Wow – it’s been a while! This little blog must have been feeling pretty abandoned of late…
Settling back in to life in the UK has taken slightly longer than I anticipated. I was lucky enough to start a temp job a week after moving in, but this has meant that I haven’t dedicated as much time as I’d like to getting our flat set up, and organising our lives. Ben’s done a fantastic job of organising things, but the flat was a bit of a disaster when we moved in, and with me taking the car to work every day, he’s a bit stranded when it comes to doing certain things. This weekend has seen the departure of the remaining boxes, all crammed in behind the seats, on the boot and on Ben’s lap as we drove my two seater to the tip. Now things are starting to feel really settled.
When I lived in Brussels, I always complained about not knowing where to buy things or how stuff worked, and how it would be so much easier in England. Guess who’s lived away from their home for too long and no longer knows where to buy things or how stuff works?
Moving back home can be anti climactic, and this has been the case for us in a sense It feels cosy, like warm pyjamas after a long walk in the rain. It’s not scary, but in a way it is, because you’ve changed, and home has changed, and do you really know that many people from home anymore? On the other hand, when you’ve been away so long it’s exciting to relearn about home. We’re enjoying creating new traditions (walking by the sea on a Sunday is my favourite), and exploring all of the local restaurants.
Alfie settled in very quickly – he’s not sure about English food just yet, but is very very keen on fitted carpets.

What do you think?

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