Foire du Midi

Once a year, when most people have packed up and gone on holiday for two months over the summer, Brussels closes a quarter of the ring road around the centre of the city and sets up a gigantic fun fair. I think it's because nobody is protesting around the European Quarter and they don't want [...]

First Praktica Film

I'd bought a Lomography scanner to try and put my negatives onto the computer, but I can't get the flipping thing to work properly, so instead I have scanned all of the pictures in. On the whole I'm pretty pleased with the results - these are my favourite eight pictures, but there are other ones which [...]

Homeward Bound

At the beginning of this year, someone I knew died. He wasn't that much older than me and he had always seemed so full of life - it was a massive shock. As a result of this, my year so far has been about working towards feeling happy in the now, not waiting for some distant [...]

Nikon Coolpix P330

While I dearly love my Praktica L, I was missing the ease of having a compact camera to carry round in my handbag and whip out should anything interesting happen. Something for those occasions when the iPhone just won't cut it.  The sales are on, and I didn't fancy staying in my office one lunchtime so I [...]