The Olive Skirt – Simplicity 4236

Hooray! One of the abandoned projects is finished! 
As I’d planned to make this as a full circle skirt, I was pleased that the half circle was suitably flippy, and presumably less likely to get caught in the wind. 
I was a little concerned that the fabric wasn’t really to my taste anymore, but as my boyfriend pointed out, I’d probably buy this in a shop. I wore it to work today and it received a positive response, which is always nice. 
The pattern was fairly straightforward, although the zip was quite poorly explained (maybe because I had no idea what I was doing). As I couldn’t work out how to attach the zipper foot to my machine, I sewed half of it in with a normal foot, and hand sewed the other half. Despite some paranoia, it is holding together well. 
The pattern sizing is GIGANTIC. I took it down a size from my measurements anyway, because it just seemed a bit much, and I could easily have gone down another size. In order to make it fit my waist (instead of dangling off my hips), I made a pleat to one side, and covered it with a button – actually quite a nice effect. 
I think I’d use this pattern again in future. It’s very straightforward and the twill tape waistband is a piece of genius. Not only does it look quite professional, but it’s also dead easy to fit. I’d use a thicker fabric next time – this one is ok when on, but a little worrying when held up to the light. I wonder how the draping would work with a thicker, more wintery fabric – maybe a light weight corduroy, or wool. If I didn’t make this exact skirt, there are five other options on this pattern to choose from. 
For the next project:
– I will learn how to insert a zip
– I will take more time to achieve a nice finish

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