New York: Day Eight

An hours metro ride to go and see some Russians? That sounds reasonable. Unfortunately I was a little sick so the hours metro ride was followed by an hour of walking round, and then an hour of metro ride home. Both journeys punctuated by coughing fits. It was worth it though. I love being by [...]

New York: Day Seven

After a busy week it was a real treat to take it easy today, staying in the flat and chatting with my friend while she went about her work (she's an artist). For lunch, we got Philly cheese steak wraps from the local posh supermarket, because we're fancy like that.  In the evening we had [...]

New York: Day Six

The weather did not look promising this morning, so we decided to head over to MoMA for some arty tourism. We got a little lost on the way there, because apparently I am incapable of understanding the seemingly simple road layout of Manhattan. I had great difficulty in remembering which streets and avenues I was [...]

New York: Day Five

We had waited long enough. The time had come to head down to Brooklyn and behave like the vintage shopping, retro camera toting hipsters we were born to be.  We hopped off the subway in Williamsburg and walked down toward the Brooklyn Brewery to Beacon's Closet. A very nicely arranged, if somewhat hectic vintage store. After [...]

New York: Day Four

I don't really like looking like a tourist. Something of a problem when you're standing outside the Empire State Building feeling cornered into paying for additional extras on your trip, when you just wanted to slink off to the normal queue and not have to deal with Michael, the most enthusiastic man alive, and a [...]