Sewing update

The sewing continues apace. On the left you can see the fabric of the dress I began work on six years ago. The print is not something I would necessarily choose now, but I think it will still make a nice sun dress for holidays.
It’s currently without straps as I made them from the same fabric before deciding the overall effect was a bit too psychedelic. I’m currently searching for the perfect shade of ribbon for them, and also maybe to go along the top or under the bust. Something to hide my slightly wonky sewing.
It also needs a zip. See more on that below.
On the right is the fabric I’ve used to knock a skirt up. Again, it was bought a long time ago so I’m not sure if I still like it that much. However, I think it will be ok with a plain top for the office. The only other concern being that it’s quite thin. I’ll have to see what it looks like when finished and perhaps make a lining up.
I’d wanted this to be a full circle skirt, but the fabric wasn’t quite wide enough so I had to adjust my dreams to the size of a half circle. It just needs a zip, and something done to the top which I haven’t investigated yet. Twill tape was mentioned, but the pattern piece was a lot wider than the tape they said to use. We shall see how this works.
My mum is coming to stay with us next weekend, when I should be able to finish both projects because she can show me how to sew a zip in. I know I could look into this online, but she’s always taught me sewing techniques before so it would seem strange to use a different teacher. And I’m scared.
It’s not like I’m in any rush to finish these before the weekend – the weather remains far too chilly for such clothes, although Le Soir has promised us that winter will be over by June…
Pictures of the finished articles will be forthcoming once Mum has saved the day.
Now, should I make a start on the final abandoned project before she arrives? It’s another little summer dress, but this time covered in strawberries with a blue background. I’m hoping it looks better on than it does in my mind.

What do you think?

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