Elephant Apron

I hadn’t done any sewing for ages, but it was the obvious first choice for something creative to try. I had all the equipment, and I knew roughly what I was doing. Also, I’d watched the Great British Sewing Bee and become a little obsessed. I’ve always started sewing projects in the past and then abandoned them before making any real progress – the upside of this is that I have three dresses and skirts, started about five years ago, to finish making.
Since the idea of actually following a pattern felt a little daunting when I’d not done it since leaving school, I felt a little intimidated by my half created creations, and decided to start with something simple – an apron entirely of my own invention.
I rummaged through my fabric pile and found a mens sarong which I’d bought in Sri Lanka and never found a use for. Deciding the elephant pattern would make a lovely detail, I got to work. Considering I didn’t plan the layout of my apron too well on the fabric and was forced to improvise heavily when there wasn’t a piece big enough for the lining of the bottom section, I’m really chuffed with how it’s turned out.
Now I’ve built up my confidence a little, I think it might be time to tackle a dress. Don’t worry Alfie, the dress pockets are too small for a cat!

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