Lost Doggy

The idea behind this blog was that I would try new things, be more adventurous, stretch the limits of my life in a fairly small way. So far the reality hasn’t lived up to that – I’ve watched some films, read some books, had a couple of rants and gone on holiday. All fine, but not what I had set out to do. 
As usual, my holiday led to some deep thought about where my life was going and what I could do to make it more balanced. When I’m not working, I seem to be putting pressure on myself to blog, and then I feel terrible when I don’t have anything to write about, or worse, I write something terribly dull.
It’s all very well having a blog as a hobby, but without other hobbies to write about, it’s really boring to read.
Now, in order to redress that, because I don’t want to stop the blog, I like the blog, it’s almost looking like I want it to, I have decided to explore my passions, find new hobbies, interesting things to write about and to fill my time.
I have a few things in the pipeline, so watch this space. Shit is about to get slightly more exciting up in this bitch.

What do you think?

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