New York: Day Five

We had waited long enough. The time had come to head down to Brooklyn and behave like the vintage shopping, retro camera toting hipsters we were born to be. 
We hopped off the subway in Williamsburg and walked down toward the Brooklyn Brewery to Beacon’s Closet. A very nicely arranged, if somewhat hectic vintage store. After browsing for a while, I came out with a breton striped gap dress, which is going to look super chic with some ballet pumps and a little blazer. 
After wandering round a little more, Ben picked up a few tops in American Apparel, where he was, of course, complimented on his camera – people are very vocal about complimenting you, which is a lovely change. 
We met friends for lunch in Shake Shack, hopped over to the Gap outlet, and then made our way through Brooklyn Heights to the ferry terminal in Dumbo, where we paused for ice cream. 
Next on the list: an exhilarating ferry ride back to Long Island City. 

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