ucki ood inter:view

  ucki ood are exhibiting in Brussels this weekend and I would highly recommend that you check it out.     Comprising Douglas and Rask (who could presumably have an alternate career as a pair of awesome seventies detectives), ucki ood is a transatlantic studio, originally formed in Brussels in 2010. Now Douglas is based [...]

Sewing update

The sewing continues apace. On the left you can see the fabric of the dress I began work on six years ago. The print is not something I would necessarily choose now, but I think it will still make a nice sun dress for holidays. It's currently without straps as I made them from the [...]

Elephant Apron

I hadn't done any sewing for ages, but it was the obvious first choice for something creative to try. I had all the equipment, and I knew roughly what I was doing. Also, I'd watched the Great British Sewing Bee and become a little obsessed. I've always started sewing projects in the past and then abandoned [...]

Lost Doggy

    The idea behind this blog was that I would try new things, be more adventurous, stretch the limits of my life in a fairly small way. So far the reality hasn't lived up to that - I've watched some films, read some books, had a couple of rants and gone on holiday. All [...]

New York: Day Nine

Our last day in New York started with breakfast at Café Henri, the posh diner down the road. After poached eggs on muffins and an amazing Grand Marnier hot chocolate for Ben, we popped into the pet shop around the corner to pick up a treat for Alfie, who had been missing us.   We [...]