More! Choice of Magazines, Please

The demise of More! magazine earlier this week was something of a shock to me, and presumably to the other girls who read it as a teenager. I hadn’t given it a thought for years, but now it’s not there any more I feel like a little part of my history has disappeared.

More! was a magazine which I always struggled with a bit. It had sections on drugs and sex which terrified me in my (very) early teens, but then by my late teens I was already reading magazines for women. My teenage years went from Bliss, Sugar and J17 to Minx to New Woman and Marie Claire. From the fairly innocent, to articles about strippers conventions.

I remember Minx in particular. That was an amazing magazine, although I still have no idea what age group it was aimed at. It felt real and vibrant and like it was written by the kind of woman I wanted to become, for the type of girl I was growing into. I remember buying the first issue, which had a free diary or something similar on the front. Apparently that was in 1996, when I was 12. 

Maybe it wasn’t the best magazine to be reading at that age, with it’s attitude on various issues that the readers were big enough and ugly enough to decide these things for themselves. However, I was a bold child (as someone in the Irish part of my family would no doubt have put it), so there was no telling me that maybe I could use some help formulating opinions on certain things. Minx certainly helped me formulate the attitude that I can be whatever I want to be, and I shouldn’t let others opinions hold me back. I still try and stay true to that mantra. 

Nowadays I struggle to find a magazine I enjoy reading. There’s Biba, but that’s in French and therefore takes more effort than a magazine ideally should. I find the women’s magazines on the market a bit mundane. Company has had it’s hipster makeover, but it just feels like it’s trying too hard to be cool. Marie Claire has some great articles, but the fashion is too expensive and the pages and pages of adverts put me off. 

I’d love to be able to find the perfect women’s magazine for me, but I don’t think it exists at the moment. I want something vibrant and gutsy and brave. Something that asks celebrities really stupid questions in interviews. I think I’ve tried everything on the UK market, but I’m still at a loss. 

For the time being I’ll have to settle for a selection of other types of magazine. I’ve got Living etc for interior inspiration, National Geographic and The Economist for intellectual stimulation, and I’ve just discovered Mollie Makes for crafty goodness. For fashion and girlie stuff, I’m none the wiser as to where I should be looking. Ideas appreciated!

What do you think?

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