Sephora Express Nail Polish Remover

I’d love to be one of those girls who is perfectly groomed at all times; or at least some of the time. As it goes, I am not. 

Aside from not leaving the house with greasy hair, my one beauty rule is that my toenails should be painted if they are going on display. As such, I was very keen to try this new breed of nail varnish removers where you just dunk your digits in and wait for the magic to happen. 

During a trip to France recently I picked up this little beauty in my favourite beauty emporium, Sephora. I don’t think Sephora have shops in Belgium or the UK, but they do deliver – delivery is pricey though, so bulk buying might be in order. Oh, and you’ll have to shop in French. 

I’d recently experimented with painting my finger nails, but had never got round to taking the chipped remnants of two weeks ago off. Easily resolved in five seconds for each finger. There’s a sponge inside, soaked in magic nail varnish remover, which surrounds your finger and does all the work for you. It’s quite gentle compared to the traditional products I use, and it doesn’t smell bad either! 

A word of warning. If you accidentally tip the pot upside down while trying to make your little toe reach the sponge, it will drip on your favourite leather chair. 

A 75ml bottle costs 7.90 EUR

What do you think?

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